Thursday, March 6, 2014

Life in Silicon Valley

Thanks to Astro AWANI and the U.S. Department of State, I was given the opportunity to produce a TV production focusing on entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem in Silicon Valley.

Life in the Valley: The Digital Gold Rush
Episode 1
The technology startup ecosystem is so strong that on a daily basis, there will be new individuals arriving in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, either from within the United States or from a foreign nation, to work on their startup project.
It is a techies haven. It is a place where people sees highly of execution, experimentation while celebrates risk and failure. If you fail, you start again.
Follow Cherish Leow as she uncovers the life in Silicon Valley during her 14 day trip.

Life in the Valley: The Digital Gold Rush
Episode 2
Starting up a business in Silicon Valley takes determination, courage and the willing to take risk. Cherish Leow, a reporter, producer from Astro AWANI speaks to several young entrepreneurs, founders and programmers to learn about their passion and interest in technology startup ventures. Featuring Wednesday Night's co-founders Teng Siong and Jared Tame;'s co-founders, Dave Paola and Roshan Choxi.

Life in the Valley: The Digital Gold Rush
Episode 3
In this episode, Cherish Leow further explores San Francisco's role as a technology startup hub, while bringing the story of a software engineer who started his technology career at Napster in early 2001. This episode also explores the importance of building relationships and trust while maintaining your network in the "pay it forward" startup culture, as Cherish speaks to the COO of NerdWallet, CEO of Agility and the Co-Founder of Playdom.

Life in the Valley: The Digital Gold Rush
Episode 4
The episode started off by exploring the role of Stanford University in nurturing talents with entrepreneurial traits, who most often contributes to the growth of the startup ecosystem in Silicon Valley (and more recently San Francisco). This episode explores the transition from classroom teaching to online education, via the interview with Professor Daphne Koller, the co-founder of Coursera.

This episode also follows Cherish Leow as she witnessed both male and female talents pitched their startup ideas at Disrupt SF Hackathon 2013 and Startup Weekend San Francisco Women's Edition.

It also features an interview with the team at Google Developer Relations who are working on Google Developers Live and YouTube API; and finally a walkthrough at Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, California.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and/or startup stories!

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