Monday, March 30, 2009


simple life, simple me.
is it as simple as it sounds?
however simple one thing appears, there's always a series of complicated stories behind it.
it can be a simple situation/ phenomena of raining, but the series of events that lead to the rain is actually hidden from our sense, hidden from our knowing, unless we go deeper to research on it.
it can be a smile, a simple radiant smile. it may be a sincere smile, because that girl just received the best news ever; it may be an insincere smile, because that girl thought her friend back-stabbed her.
and i believe you got the point.
every moment is life in its simplest form.
at every moment, every little things that aggregate is the sums of whatever present in front of us now. it may be a si
tuation we are in, it may be an emotion we are encountering.
so whenever i tell myself that i just want it to be simple without much complications involve, it hardly works that way.
everything and everyone is interdependent, and that's the nature of life.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Outing @ sushi zanmai

before heading out.. :P

met Christine and Fun fun at KTM kepong.. this is Christine.. fun fun wasn't in her best condition coz she was too tired working in the past few days so reluctant to appear caught in camera.

waited in Food Garden for an hour... and again fun fun is not in the frame..

Christine insisted us to each take 4 packets of the crisps she bought from UK. xD Casryn seemed delighted. hehe

Funfun and Christine.. ^^ we can no longer waited as the clock ticked to 1 in the afternoon so we decided to wait in line for suhsi zanmai instead.. (more waiting.. LOL) so what we did was.. photo session. xD

Christine and Casryn...
and me, joined in.. xD

okay my head tilted too high. haha

at 1.30pm, most of the girls arrived and joined us in the frame.

and me as well. xD

cute right? haha

getting the crisps tht travelled all the way from UK... xD

Kai's expression was pretty amusing. haha
our first dish. :P some of the tea are half full.. xD

our second dish.. xD

nicely taken!

Sherly loves photo-taking as much as i do. hehe

ming ming started this.. xD

sherly got excited abt this idea..

hehe.. i joined in the fun as well.. ^^


this one is GOOD! ^_^


the green stuff is AVOCADO~ xD this dish is named as caterpillar ... whatever that follows.

additional dishes.. :P

and more desserts that followed. :) that.. we kinda forgot to snap pictures of. lol

chai wen with her bowl of Ebidon... whatever the name is. which tasted GOOD. :P

we stayed there eating and enjoying and having green tea for more than 3 hours... hehe
it's our group norm to chat away in whichever restaurant/ cafe as long as possible whenever there's a meet up like this one.
it was GREAT fun!

Group pic!! :P

the outing was organised to celebrate Christine's comeback from UK for easter break holiday. just wish she can stay longer. xD

Friday, March 27, 2009

calls of sincerity

should i complain about this? i say.. why not.

the best thing about technology, is that you'll find the distance between people seem to get closer by day (since you can communicate with your friends living overseas), but in actual fact, it still changes people's communication.

is it just me? or the purpose of making a phone call has now become more and more mechanistic? you call if and only if that person has something you seek.
sometimes, i am so tired of answering phone calls as such that enquire on assignments and favours.

i guess i am more of a traditional person when it comes to human communication.
i prefer face-to-face communication, and if not, at the least, a phone call.
not sms, not msn, not whatever that is through cold as steel keyboards and keypads.
i guess.. sometimes i do feel lonely because i just can't feel the warmth of sincerity these days...

how grateful i will be.. to hear a voice of sincere.. from anyone that i know... from my past till now...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

we born and grown up knowing that it is because of our mother earth that we survived through generations and generations. and it seems like it is time for us to do something. it doesn't take much from you. but it does make a difference when people all over the world come together to do something.

Earth Hour is symbolic in nature. but do you know the importance of this event? "vote for Earth with your light switch", is what WWF proposes. what would you vote for? for global warming? or for earth? quoting from Earth Hour website,
Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming. WWF are urging the world to VOTE EARTH and reach the target of 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009."

this is more than just a symbolic act, to support Earth Hour. we really need to vote and show our concern, especially to the world leaders (think of heavy pollution resulted from industrialization). Global warming is not a light issue which we can ignore any longer.

what you can do...

  • spread the word among friends and family

  • blog about it

VOTE EARTH by simply switching off your lights for one hour, and join the world for Earth Hour.

to learn more about Earth Hour, go to

Sunday, March 22, 2009

the Curious Case of Benjamin Button- my version of review

come to think of it, Benjamin Button does seem to have similarities with Forest Gump since they are both imaginatives that came from the same bright mind. you'll have to watch Forest Gump for yourself to comprehend the relation between the two.

Even after hours of watching the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, my head is still buzzing with the seemingly insignificant quotes by the characters.

The story is so simple yet the meaning that comes with it goes a long way.

Benjamin is just a young soul entrapped within an old and fragile body. let's put it this way, born looking old doesn't makes you an old person but the general perception of the society defined Benjamin as old, and the old accept and see him as their peers.

The social construction of meaning is what generally accepted by everyone of us. just like the idea of "time". at certain period, i just think... time is the creation of human being, we coined the term "time", because we see changes. changes that cannot be unmade. to comprehend these changes, we explain that in every moment that we live, it is one second longer we have been living on earth.

the good thing that Benjamin is born old is that he is able to see life from a different perspective than anyone of us who born "normal" and grow "normal". so why am I highlighting the word "normal"? the funny thing is, what perceived as normal lies in those who owns the power discourse. they are the one who has a say in what is and what is not. Benjamin grew up knowing his life as an oldman, however, his soul is nothing close to old. so what makes him think of himself as an oldman? He grew up in an environment that is full of the elders, who look physically inept just like he does and thus he feel that he belongs to the crowd, and hold the belief that he will soon die, just like any old people do. so you see, individual's perception of himself is shaped by what he sees, hear or feel.
but as time goes by, as the other elders living under the same roof moved on, Benjamin started to feel that he is the odd one out because unlike what he expected, he feel stronger and younger from day to day. and when you are different than others, you belong to nowhere, you are alone.

thus, at young age, Benjamin knew death and the emotions of loss when someone you know passed away. he learned young then and there, unlike many if not most of us who started young, knowing toys. won't it be too heavy for a child to know death before his time? in Benjamin's case, it's not because he grew up knowing he is blessed to be alive, as it is what his momma Queenie always tell him. it's how we see things that determine our attitude towards life. feeling blessed at every moment is what kept him having a positive prospective on his life.

why.. don't you think so? we would only start showing our appreciation whenever we realise we are starting and closing to lose something. as what Ms. Maple said "
Benjamin, we're meant to lose the people we love. How else would we know how important they are to us". as much as we hate to admit it, we have the propensity to take things for granted. "we have a long life ahead", we always say. but sometimes things just don't go the way we as we pleased. more often than not, it takes us a lifetime to realise what is important to us, to finally comprehend the truth to life.
"Your life is defined by its opportunities... even the ones you miss.", this is one of the quotes that i like. Opportunities come and go, some of them aren't recognised by our blunt sensitivity, because we do not believe in our luck. well, maybe it's not about luck, it's about how we perceive ourselves to be. sometimes we just perceive ourselves as what others think of us. we let outer perceptions shape our lives.

life can be so simple yet it is complicated at times. but are we the one who tend to make things complicated?
just how much difference skin colour, race and nationality brings, we are still the same in encountering possibly the same simple happiness of celebrating life, and the same problems in life (relatonships, finance, health, etc). "Sometimes we're on a collision course, and we just don't know it." our lives are entwined, where one affects the other even when each event of our lives are happening simultaneously. (i think the movie "BABEL" depicted this really well)

and finally, i'll share another quote from this movie that i really like, "You can be as mad as a mad dog at the way things went. You could swear, curse the fates, but when it comes to the end, you have to let go.", yes.. we complain a lot in our lifetime. the next time you start complaining, try to hold it for one second and think it this way.. instead of wasting energy on complaining, do something. this way you'll not only feel better, small changes follow and someday, you'll realise how big a change these small changes will bring.

for some people, this is just another boring movie that stretched for almost three hours. for some of us, this movie imbued such strong message that we as city dwellers should take note of. remember the elders in the movie. remember the life encountered by Benjamin Button as he walks alone down the path. remember to always be true to yourself and those that you love.

that's all for now.. until next time. xD
Cherish signing off.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


the harder you push against the wall, the bigger the force that you will feel bouncing back at you

I can't just shrugged off the feeling that there's this barrier that stands in between. the one barrier that i created, that is formed in the hardest period of my lifetime. I fully understand that i am the only one who can break through this barrier and reach out. but how?
perhaps deep down within me, the "self" is still having doubts, and the barrier that is formed is the only shield that can keep me safe.
yes, that might be it. i wanted to protect myself so much that it had become a part of me, that i don't even know it's already "me".

Thursday, March 12, 2009

assignments is not everything

at least for me...
wonder why some people can nag so much on the amount of assignments.
don't get me wrong, i take my assignments seriously and i always starts early and try to have them done before deadline.
but i never see them as something that will cost me suffering or whatever. i just simply go ahead and start doing. when people complain to me, i just smile... or say something they want to hear (showing empathy and such)...
but i don't understand why people complain so much, wasting energy, while you can already start to get your brain going, putting small ideas together and finding way to handle the assignments?
it's not that hard, really. if you just put yourself to it.
complaining won't do us any good. it makes matters worst, and it always result in procrastinating.

the same theory goes to how you handle problems and hardships in life. stop complaining and be responsible and take up whatever roles u should be taking. for now, as a student. that is.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bunkasai Night 2009

Bunkasai Night 2009~~~

before headin' out..

another taken before heading out.. i had my false eyelashes on, which looked too natural that no1 noticed.
and oh, had my blue contacts on too! lolz

posed with Keng Sing and Nicole without "e" - Nicol. :P

posed with Ashley~

after i changed into my Yukata.. xD

the hall~ first time held an event in this hall, according to Associated Professor Dr. Lachman Tarachand. :P

after i lift my hair up~ lolz

candid! lol

chin yew and i.. xD he looks pretty funny in this pic. wonder what he was looking at.

it was pretty awesome to be one of the emcee for this event..
the cosplayers spent time to dressed up and they all looked fantastic in their costumes~
they did really live up the spirit of the characters they play!! :P
and here are some pictures to show ya'll~

i was wearing Yukata- summer kimono~

on my right, is Renji! :P

for your information, Ichigo (the guy on the right) won the 1st prize for Cosplay! :P

Ashley posed with Byakuya Kuchici~ lolz

me posed with Kuchici~~ xD

me, Ashley and my partner for the night, the other emcee, Bobby~

Bobby... WHO?!

this new hall has this fascinating ... big.. light. lol

i dun really know about these characters.. but, they looked awesome!

it was a great night.. Bobby and I got less stressed out as the VIPs left the hall. LOLz
and our emceeing got a lil out of hand. lol nah. just joking.
it was all good. apart from some minor mistakes (which i think i made), it was all good.
*thumbs up*
good effort people! all the Animac people did a great job~ :P
it was nice working with you~ ^____________^