Sunday, September 28, 2008


just like xiao yan said ... 视觉洞察 through the lens of a camera..
seeing the world through lens.. visually stimulating your own senses.
i really love to look at pictures. they make me think a lot.. and understand more than you talk to me. or text me.. or.. whichever way.
photograph is sending us silent messages, it has some things that we may have missed out while we are interacting in communications.
something our sense fail to read..
some signs.. some... important signs.
pictures.. they tell us a lot about the context at the time it was taken..
tell us stories about the people in the pics..
feeling the connection..
the power of images is greatly..
they tell us about someone.. and something in detail.
just like what the saying goes... "a picture speaks a thousand words" it is a cliche i know... but it does speaks for itself.. and for the subject within.. capturing moments.. memories.. ^^

a post replying to 射手座

用英文书写并不代表我的华语差,或者对华语一窍不通。。。毕竟 华语是我们的母语。我当然会说也会写。。还会主持呢!呵呵。。
我是华文教育背景的,别误会哦!我双语都行!(英语主持也行)嘻嘻 *自豪*
谢谢你这“美丽的误会”。。 哈哈。。
希望你会看到这个post吧! ^^
have a great day!

Friday, September 26, 2008

a friend

for this blog post, i am going to write about a person, a friend of mine.. to be exact.
this friend of mine is kind of the person who is very rebellious.. and deep. by deep, i do not mean that he is a deep thinker. (i dunno if he is, maybe he is a deep thinker) by deep i mean, he is hard to be understand by others.
perhaps he does not want to be understand.. perhaps he thinks that understanding by a few of his inner circles friends is good enough. well, yeah.. i guess so.
he is a type of person who can be really crazy and playful, however keeping you at a distance. at one point he is close, at another he is drifting away.. or else unreachable.
maybe he is a type of person who is very emotional...
looking at his exterior appearance, he is very cool and all... and tend to give cold shoulders to those he does not see eye to eye.
he is a person with a personality of his own and he does not give a damn to what others say.
just as i mentioned, he is rebellious. and sometimes, it is hard to communicate with him.. as i said earlier, he like to keep people at a distance. we all understand him this way.. and so we go by his rule..
however, i am curious.. very curious of what is it all about, in his little inner world. what is playing inside his head??
almost everytime i talk to him, he replied back with rude remarks. but it is not that he hates me.. he TALKs that way.. with all the L words and F words.. well, you can imagine it all..
you may think he must be a wreck.. someone who is not worth being friends with..
coz he is kinda creative and smart. he has his own interest and he is very good at it. very. quite talented if i must say..
but why is it that he can be so rude to friends who show him concern?
he is just like sending us signals.. Don't be too close, or i will bite.. or u will burn yourself.
sometimes, even though he is rude, he still shows concern in his words.
this is what intrigues me. very much..
till now, he still remains as an enigma to me..
well... hardly ever see him anymore.
coz everytime wanna catch up with him, im asked to belanja makan abalone. ha...
he's crazy.
p/s: he is not someone i admire or whatever..

Dimming and Fading...

Second semester into continuing my degree courses, and i am starting to feel the effect this campus is having on me (or so to say, on us...)

shouldn't have let this happen to me, the more it is engulfing me and assimilating me, the more i want to fight and turn it. okay, it will be hard to turn it, but at least i have to persist in preserving what i do best... i have to find my strength back.. the strength to be different. we think different.

after watching several presentations (in one of the classes im taking), realised that many of them have mindset that is totally different from ours. sometimes we think we are a little too forward and thinking a little deeper. is it that we have explored and learned from a different light? it is quite hard to acknowledge them when we realised that there are loopholes in their presentations/research or whatever. may it be stereotyping ideas, incomprehensive questionnaires or so on... even though critical comments are welcomed, well, who likes to be criticized?? true right?

in some period in my life, this happens.. as i lost focus and feeling my strength fading and all.. but i believe i can find it back. and i hope Beverly can find hers back too. (we have to. )

Thursday, September 25, 2008


everyone has secrets.

every community has their secrets too.

some are erased from history..

because history is written by those who reigned.

and most of the deepest ones are kept way down below that it might never ever see the lights of the day.

some secrets are unheard of, and once they are out of the bag (if that ever happen), escalating events follows.

secrets are concealed behind the mask of social conventions.

a promising thing may not be what it seems to be.

many decides to believe

because it seem to be the easiest thing to do.

many suffered, but still, they believed in what they are taught to believe.

yes, doubt will cause lots of trouble..

because doubt is the root of all problems.

doubting in what they are taught to believe will weaken their belief system and therefore, they choose not to doubt. but lay full faith in what they supposed to believe.

therefore, secrets will never unveil, until that day when someone decides to work against the belief system and starting to build a new one himself.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random Facts abt me

Simple Rules:
1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

Fun Facts? LOL nah...
a. I rarely snore but sometimes i wake up to find myself in a weird position(s).
b. I like to watch action-packed movies than romance movies. (i will watch romance if there is no other option. but no, i will choose animation (Pixars and such) over romance. ha ha)
c. I don't read novels of romance genre. (absolutely a waste of time) I read sci-fi/ fantasy. (am i a dreamer? no laaa i am realistic one..)
d. I read books that can inspire me.
e. <--- believe that women can be better than men in many fields. (a-hem!!)
f. <--- make dancing work out as a routine at least 5 times per week. (30mins-1 hour per session only...)
g. i used to like to have cold drinks (at every opportunity!) however, for no apparent reason, i start to perfer lukewarm/ hot water.
h. i have the tendency to laugh very very loud and annoyingly at home. (to cheer things up... xD my house can be too quiet sometimes. i am the only child.)
i m tagging:
Celine, Nathalia, Kent zai, Kelvin, Erwin, Wick ping, Mei wah, Wyne. ^^ huuhuuhooho...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Chosen Quotes to Share with (SEVEN)

"Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter."
-Oscar Wilde
my interpretation..
when we see an art which is very lively, and it is emitting a strong sense of emotions through the use of colours, lines, space, texture... it shows passion..
it reflects the artist himself.
when an artist paints, he pours life, his emotions into his art. regardless of the subject of the portrait.
no matter how identical the subject of the portrait is, comparing to the flesh covered warm blooded human, the portrait is still not a portrait of the subject, but of the artist himself.
it is the artist in disguise, behind the many faces of different subjects he had painted.
he replicate himself..
he is every where...
with his passion instilled in every art work he had painted...
advancing into the utopia of art..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

::...:: explosion ::...:: (Fiction)

something landed or rather, something crashed onto the surface.
eye blinding light... shone upon the remnants of numbness.from afar came the ear deafening explosion..
emitting rounds and rounds of heat waves.
everything had been so quiet and untouched..
everything had been... peaceful.
up till this explosive new encounter.
the explosion acted as a catalyse, making rapid changes to the environment.
anticipating.. something new to come.
something, unseen before..
something.. pure... purer than anything lying in this numbness.
this explosion brought about a new light... a new ray of hope.
something is going to happen and it is for sure that something is full of excitement and thrill.
for more to come.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fiction: Blurry Images

blurry images flashes by
whispers and more voices are closing in..
closing in onto whatever is in the center of attention.
in the center of attention? of who?
who is that alone in the circle?
who is...?
"who" are these people?
what is their purpose?
why are they here?
what are they whispering?
are they all here?
or there are more company to come?
"they" are pressuring in...
the tension is mounting in the air..
closing in, suffocating.
someone or something yelled from afar.
came another voice.
"Don't be afraid. We are here with you"
"who are you?"
the one in the center found his voice at last.
open up all senses.
every cells are staying wide awake to take in the surroundings..
sensing in every direction...
trying to grab hold of the blurry images of... whatever they are.
the sounds are fading.. away... and behind...
"Don't go..."
grasping wildly around...
there is nothing but air..
thin air.
cold air.
freezingly cold.
it was warmer when the blurry images and voices were around.
it was warmer...

human collective behaviour

walkin' in da opposite direction, against the crowd, i did.
when i looked on from atop, i wondered why all the people in the park walk in the same direction, circling the lake ? once in a while, only a few people walk against the flow of people who went to the park for exercising.
actually, the phenomenon which i have seen this morning is typical in our lives. it's juz like the way we live under a social convention. we never think of questioning abt the way we live. why shld we wear pyjamas to bed? why do we buy that new model of mobile phone when the old can still be in use? it's something implant in our mind by our ideology~ we feel comfortable with what is already there~ never wanting to change the way it is, coz we feel safe~ feel secure~ and whenever someone wanted to stand up and question against the already steady flow, not wanting to be da same as the crowd, obstacles came.
that's what i came to face when i tried to walk against the crowd of people who strolled in da park. i walk in the opposite direction and what i get is questioning glares. my mum asked me "why do so when it brings so much trouble when u walked in the opposite direction? juz follow the crowd larR..."
i was like, "why"?
"coz you will bring trouble to other people~"
... ... human are always set up to be work in groups. it's a social phenomenon, i think i studied this in human comm before, but i forgot d exact term to apply to this phenomenon~ LOL
it's interesting to observe our social world~~~ haha

uncle's new place


home, the one place that provides us a sense of belong when there is no where else to go to.
a place where you and I crave to own.

no matter how it looks from the outside, it's the warmth from the inside that matters. the comfort, can hardly found else where.

and today i am sharing about... a new place of my relatives.

my uncle got my cousins a new place of their own~ ^^

i think the condo is a bit cool with all the designs.. and well furnished interior.

i wish for a place of my own too! ^^

*day dreaming*


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a new dawn

beneath it all
it is all bare
bare to all
there is no distance
there is nothing in between
exist side by side
stand up for whoever is in need.
believing... is the key.

no assuming.
no hesitating.

just breathe...
and calmness will come to you.
fear not of the fear itself
look at it in the eye and you will find yourself stronger.
as thr fear itself manipulates you through your perception of it..
with no fear stands in the way..
getting to the other end unscatched.

no backing away...
no turning away...

once started, get on with it...
persistence is the key.
hold onto the key
and soon, comes the new dawn.

a new dawn...

Monday, September 15, 2008


this is my grandma~ ^^

coming from a strict and traditional family background, we hardly ever show our love verbally..

lately, grandma keeps mentioning her feeling lonely.

and never cease to mention (implicitly) about her time is almost near..


even though... in this family, the boys are more valued than us girls, i still can feel that she cares for us grand daughters of hers.

every time i see her, i try to show as much enthusiasm through holding her hand and hugging. to make her feel, happier.

hoping to see her again before the start of next year! ^^

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trip - fictional writing

the scent,
the freshness of the scent..
filling my lungs whole...
steering to the right,
rushing ahead..
no stopping.
everything i ever dream of is just a distance away
within reach..
accelerating. i have to be there on time.
i have to...
(changing of scene)
i am in the middle of a crowd..
i am unnoticed.
people walk through me..
am i dead?
looking up...
the sky is bright.. and the sun shines as it always is.
looking down...
i had a sharp intake of breath.
there is no ground.
the crowd is gone.
as i notice this, i fall...
and falling...
i feel weightless.
or maybe i am weightless.
where will i land?
or rather, will i ever land?
where am i?
images rushing before my eyes.
tears break its barrier..
if this is my fate..
i am ready.
i am...
(changing of scene)
i cannot move...
i cannot open my eyes.
i am trying my best to...
but in vain.
someone is calling me..
or is it the wind?
the scent of grass...
am i landed now?
am i safe?
or am i...
i am yelling in my head...
i realised... i am not ready just as thought i am.
wait, i couldn't

Friday, September 12, 2008



大家都渴望言论上的自由、 独立自主的自由等。。

Thursday, September 11, 2008




how easy it can be defeated and thrawted
by just a single thread of words...
or a single event
or a single thought.
is it the feeling of uncertain and self doubt which leads to the end of determination?
or is it the lack of some recognition of others?
that you start to realise, with determination or not, you are not going to make it to the goal?
determination is what the power of your mind can bring.
it holds your faith together, believing that until the end, you will not fail.. even if you do not achieve what you wanted in the first place, you learn something. if you are not determined, you will never learned from what you have not gone through.
success or failure, is not the ultimate answer.
if one can hold all the pieces together and lay it all out in the end,
one will see a pattern, of how he or she make it through until the other end... which, at first seem impossible, if not with the aid of determination.

the above pictures is generated by using a simple tool from it can generate any words you like. ^^ however, there is only one shape available- heart.

*happy reading*

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

im stressed

the following photos were taken by me when i visited the KLCC aquarium...

and these pictures of sceneries soothe me ^^ not taken by me though.. i seldom travel to the beaches...

and another turtle!!

(it's too beautiful so i have to post it here as well! xD)

im stressed but after looking at some pictures like those shown above, i feel loads better!

hope you do too! @^^@

have a nice week! ^^

Monday, September 8, 2008


just like Alvin Chew's word, 'short semester kills me' .
OK. it's not that bad. but, it is tiring enough. i can hardly find a time to update my blog! i mean, to make it a good blog post, i need more time. so i will just do this freewriting and scribble whatever i have in mind right now. (never underestimate the power of the brain. =)
basically, i am exhausted every day and until the 2pm class, (everyday my day my class ends about 4pm... it's not late.. but three classes per day, and 2-3 hours each is draining me... lol)
imagine sitting in class for the whole day with just 1 hour interval for break. i am almost like a deadfish suffocating because i am out of water.
did i even use the correct metaphore? oh i don't care. this is freewriting anyway. ^^
Mohammed Rokan is back to campus today. in his words "wassup people"... the MOE style is back on track after his surgery at the bottom of his butt. (seriously, i have no idea he had surgery, i thought he tranferred school...)
he is still the usual... slacking. lol
did i mentioned the 2pm class just now? okay, back to the 2pm class. today our lecturer "threw" us a lot of homework (which i am working on right now... and yes i am multitasking)
i mean, A LOT! and there will be a test ONE this thursday.
a week into new semester, and BAM! here comes the first test.
and the "best" part, we have ZERO idea about what she teach in class.
well, O.K. we can understand a little, but the theories is too vague and kinda too hard to grasp.
and yes, it is the SPOKEN DISCOURSE class i mentioned in my earlier post.
till now, i am grateful that i think, (i think) i can start to get hold on how to do the transcript (ie, how to analyse conversation by using prosodic symbols)
and i hope, really really hope that i am right in whichever i think i understand.
(our lecturer did not teach us how to analyse. she let us explore on our own.. which is great when we are like in the middle of no where.. lol)
i think i should stop now..
i will update some good stuff soon. (i hope)
i am now drained.
and i have many more assignments and research to do.
i want to watch TV!! (maybe i will, later... regardless of how much more assignments i have)
alright then...
ciao! =P

Chosen Quotes to Share with (SIX)

In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.
- Jiddu Krishnamurti


we human being is born with all kinds of possibilities.

we may have shown talent in one or more fields.

i myself believes that there are many things which i show talents in.

however, it is also because of my preferrence and environment that affects what i can excel in.

if one does not believe in the posibbility of inborn capabilities, he or she is denying the power of our brain. we are basically born to learn and adapt to any skills that ensure our survival.

you see all the differences in human race all over the world?

we are them, they are us; you are therefore no more different than I.

what we encounter in life and how we learn to deal with this outer environment makes us adapt to different things.

however, wouldn't be surprise to know that if we set the limited thinking aside (restricted to the thinking of "i am chinese, therefore i..." or "i am a white, why should i..." kinda thinking)

that is to say, be readily to accept various thinkings and cultures.

be ready to let your mind and soul blow you away with all the possibilities that lies within you.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

short semester

first time attending short semester..
we do not have short semester back in
NEC. okay, there are.. but due to course selection, i never attend to any short semester classes.
short semester is a word. hectic.
however, i am depressed not because my schedule is hectic. hectic is good in a way that i take it as a challenge. i am emo and sort of depressed because i could not get around to see many of my friends this semester!!
also due to course selection and time table differences, i find myself bored stiff without any so called warm and fuzzy lunch with my friends in campus.
i miss those days (last semester) a lot.
that is why i am like... so, sienz in campus lately. > <>

emo aside, i will still fight hard to get good marks in this three classes i am taking. Out of the three, seminar makes me so anticipated and excited because we get to show our critical thinking in our presentation. and i am soo prepared to do it NEC's Media Studies way. well, that is what we learned and we are going to apply it in our presentation.
just so that others (eng- ed) won't look down upon us who comes from NEC.
Broadcasting student rocks!
NEC Media Studies BMS 2A always rocks.


p/s: the arrows indicate intonations. ^^

okay.. what is discourse? discourse involves interaction. According to, discourse is:
"Verbal expression in speech or writing.
Verbal exchange; conversation.
A formal, lengthy discussion of a subject, either written or spoken.
Archaic. The process or power of reasoning."
in the spoken discourse lecture, we are going to learn to analyse conversation. and that involves a lot of prosodic symbols! (don't ask me what that is, i just know that the symbols are needed to mark the breaks and intonations.. and that kinda thing. xD
so basically this is what i did.
we recorded our own conversation, and try to analyse it.
the one i did is a basic one.. but then... it's quite interesting to know that we can actually analyse our conversation this way. haha
truly interesting.
and so above is a sample of what i did. ^^
i tried my best. hope i got it right... coz honestly. i do not know if i really did get a hang of how to analyse conversations.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Animals... who act just like human does. ^^

i came across this video on msn video. there is this cat who chills just like we do. check this out. xD
here's the link ^^
see the way it looks into the camera..
it's just so peculiar...
it looked so calm.
and it looks like it has a lot in its mind. ^^

kReativ blogger award

i got an AWARD! LOL

i was nominated by Blue aka Nath as one of the Kreativ Blogger!!
thanks Nath, for the recognition.
*smile* *HUG*

i am going to nominate a few bloggers who deserve to have this Kreativ Blogger award as well.

and the nominees are:

Wyne - her blog is all about her life in New Zealand, her life stories to share. really creative ways to present her life abroad.. with lots of photos to tell her stories.

Robin - i don't simply nominate him because he was my classmate. i nominate him because sometimes his posts can be quite entertaining. ^______^ also because he is a Mauritian Chinese, so it is somewhat interesting to know what he has in his mind about the events happening around him in Malaysia, and in UCSI. =P

Essel - you guys might never have hear of her name in Nuffnang.. but she can write good stuffs. ^^

Kenneth- His blog has lots of interesting read. he has interesting stories to share.

Janice - her blog is pretty cool xD

and of course.. Nath is a very kreativ blogger herself.

Rules of the award:
1. The winner may put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

So basically if you saw your name in the list, you're TAGGED! well, it is kind of like a small recognition I awarded you for being creative~ so... keep the award alive! ^^

Thursday, September 4, 2008

outing with mom n dad

just thought of sharing some photos. xD

my mum! xD

we look identical.

okay, maybe not that identical.

but.. i think my mum smiled in quite a cute way in this pic.

and this, is my dad.

he seldom take pictures.

and when he did, he rarely make faces.

but in this photo, he did! haha

all he does all the time is to look straightly to the camera and stand stiff and smile in a rather stiff fashion. lol

well anyways...
there's not much to show.. we seldom take family photos.. coz my parents do not really enjoy taking pictures.

unless, there comes a time where everyone is either to sit or stand quite still and have the best, well practiced smile to face the camera; to take pictures for important occasions.

so... there you go.. the rarely taken photos of my parents. ha ha
i love them!
*HUGzzz n kisses*
oh well.. they do not approved of hugs and kisses.
but then... who cares?
they love it despite the disapproval! xD

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

understanding what is HARD to understand

okay. first time attending a class which consists of not more than 10 students.
normally the first week is the "test the flavours" week..
where students go from class to class to see which subjects suits them.
so it always happens where there are lesser students in class.
BUT~ not over than 10 students is like.. first time i ever encountered. LOL
there was only 7 of us today and FYI there's only 5 students enrolled for this class in the name list. the rest (two others, including me) sort of like came to the class to observe if we would like to take this class.
this class... is TOUGH!
we need to analyse conversations. analyse spoken discourse.
muhaha... and for the first time in my life... i can hardly understand the lecturer. > <
her accent. was too strong. she is a lecturer from our neighbouring country but her English is so good that her accent kinda hit me square in the face. *faints*
the course outlines were okay. quite boring it seems but i think there are a few topics which i would have mild interest in.
okay, you might be thinking... "then why on earth are you still thinking of taking this class? DROP it!"
the thing is, i CAN'T.
the other subjects offered clashes badly with one another!! > <
there are limited choices to choose from.
in order to graduate on time, i have to juggle more subjects than any other coursemates! seriously. my friend Beverly and I, and probably Maggie as well, we have to take up more classes in order to have sufficient credit to complete this degree programme before 2011. (IDEALLY)
this is happening because we are transfer students. we have to finished our Year One and Two subjects within a year (3 semesters).
so... i don't have much choice.
i know this class is VERY hard and will have a tough time analysing conversations, im taking it none the less. to die or not, that lies in whether or not i have the faith and believe i can~

i have a lot to say

"just let the feelings show, as the time flows...
everything gradually shows."

life is not as long as we think it is.
one may feel bored stiff with daily routines but that is why we are here.
to make occasional out- of- ordinary routines,
to add spice into own life, and others as well.
i have got something to tell..
i have a lot to tell.
but there never come a time where i can truly, freely express it.
i am not good at expressing. verbally. in conversations.
sometimes i can not really express what i really want to say.
it is hard.
different things may come out from my lips.
contradictory ideas may slip out of my lips even when my heart yearning to express it otherwise.
thus i can just solely rely on my thoughts to express it in words.
in the chains of thoughts reflected in my words.
words may become a good friend of mine.
or maybe they already have.
you can not say words are emotion-less. because they are vehicle of meanings and therefore they transmit emotions.
in one sense, they have emotions. but it is you and I that gives them that.
the power of delivering emotions through the chain of words.

Monday, September 1, 2008

the extraordinary thing that we call LOVE

The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed.
- Jiddu Krishnamurti


that's why we say "love changes everything".