Thursday, July 31, 2008

Early Steady Dating

in Expository Writing class this morning, we debated on two topics.

topic 1: Early Steady Dating
topic 2: To Marry or not to Marry

I choose to join the team on debating "early steady dating" and my group was on the proposing side.
as for another topic, to debate on the topic "to marry or not to marry" is kind of hard because our social norms is very against cohabiting couples. so no matter how good your stance in supporting cohabiting, most of the people will also have more traditional ideas to fight your stance off. cohabiting is still new for the eastern society, therefore it is not easy for the cohabiting couples to live a peaceful life. there will be a lot of rumours out and about which is damaging to their relationships. thus, there was just one person in class volunteered to oppose marriage for couples and therefore the other two opposing speaker have to "act" like they oppose to the idea of couples getting married.

so.. back to Early Steady Dating.

here's our points on early steady dating.

1) Early Steady Dating should not be discouraged because we can not generalise that teenagers are incapable of managing their relationship rationally. Do you not think that adults will also lose their rationality when it comes to romantic issues? Yes, they will get hurt as they face issues in their romantic relationships. however, it is still better to learn to accept the risk of getting hurt early than to suffer when you have become a successful person in your career. Adults get hurt as well, right?

2) Starting early will not only help teenagers gain
dating experiences, it can also in a way protect them from getting hurt in later life. It is better to start early than to start late. There are many cases where adults who start dating in their twenties made incorrect judgment in finding their ideal life partner, which end up in unsuccessful marriage. This is because they are too inexperience in evaluating whether the partner is really suitable before they get married. Some, get married because they think they are well passing the golden age of getting married. Therefore, they regretted later in life as they made too quick a decision to start a family when they thought they have met "the one".

3) Through early steady dating, you will be able to get to know many more faces and personalities there are in the society. if you start dating only after you graduate and have a stable job... How would you know, at 25... as you date your first boyfriend or girlfriend, he or she is really the one?? he or she is the first partner you ever dated. so if you start early, after a few possibly unsuccessful relationships, you will be able to recognise instantly when the one guy or woman who really compatible for you arrives! you will be ready by then. ^^

4) Maturity. Teenangers are said to be immature. yes, we do not deny this fact. BUT, it is only through gaining experience that people will grow more mature in life stages. In every aspects in life, including romantic aspects, we need experiences to learn. and through accumulating experiences, we become mature through time. the same applies in dating. as you date, you will come across different personalities and there will come a day where, at one stage, you come to understand what kind of personalities really suits you. and what qualities that you are looking for in life partner.

5) People says teenangers have no idea what love is. Then, let us ask again do you think every adults knows what love is? do you? therefore, we stress the point again that early steady dating helps. why? because starting to date early, as you experience, you will someday understand what is love to you. Every individual has his or her own perception and understanding of love. it is until that day when you finally realise what love means to you that you will not make mistake in finding your life partner. if you start dating in later stage in life, you will start as a newbie and will easily get false idea of what love is and make the deadly mistake of marrying the wrong person.

Therefore, my house strongly propose early steady dating. thank you.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Seem so real and close.. yet so far...

... i was watching a tv show..
and there was this male character (who was acting up the role of gangster) on the show..
the feeling was just like when i saw that man, my mind drifted a bit
and when i came back to my senses..
i realised that for a split second, the gangster changed into a friend whom i missed a lot.
my mind is playing tricks on me. ha ha
but the male character really does resembled a friend of mine.
I don't really like to miss people too much because it is always sad when I realise that meeting up will never be an option for us.
i hate this feeling when things are like so real and close but yet it is far.
OH well...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

on Valentine's Day (i am not BLUR ok)

today, as usual had lunch with the gang of coursemates after Expository Writing class.
After the usual debate on where to have our lunch, all decided to go to the infamous Samosa.

as the lunch went on, since i sat at the furthest corner of the table, and all thanks to MOE who kept "bugging" and "nagging" on and on about tomorrow's Study Skills test, i was a little bit irritated. haha (i do not like it when people keeps bugging me with same questions over and over again)

after finished my dish, however, things started to get a little bit light and we joked. well, more like Jane and I joked. (i sat at the furthest right of the table, can't join in to the general convo.. LOL)
then as we talk, Jane told me her birthday falls on 2 days after Valentine's Day.
then i uttered "22nd of February"??
and Jane called around the table and said "hey! Cherish dunno when is Valentine's Day!! she thought it is 20th February!"
everyone looked amused and some shook their head.
ha ha WHAT?!

"The Blur Queen!!", Robin smirked and yelled across the table.


I used to know and remember this date, 14th February.
I think i still remember this date a year ago..
the day where almost all hot blooded couples will celebrate and cuddle a lot. ha ha~~~
Since when have i forgot this date? no idea.
but i am glad this day is not a burden to me anymore..
it was a burden because people will keep asking how you are celebrating V Day every time it comes near.. haha
this day every year, V day comes and goes and it's all me and my girls (my clique)...
i do not think this date is that important, at least not yet, for now...
I think it is good not to care too much and feel emotionally affected if you have to celebrate V day alone or either with single girl friends.
we girls always had such fun even without any male presence~ =D
which is why V Day do not play any significant role and meaning to me
February 14 = Valentine's Day?
what about the other 364 days? LOL
Why can't i set a day for MY Valentine's Day? =P

Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest (for Christine)

In conjunction with Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest,
I would like to give Christine this
Canon Digital Video Camcorder

because she is now in a foreign land and there are so many new experiences that she has and about to discover!! Hope she can record all the moments in this camcorder. A captured moment worth a thousand words! the momentary experience will last forever.

miss you my friend! ^^

Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest (for Blue)

to present Blue with this gift

In conjunction with Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest,
I would like to give Blue/Nath this bottle of perfume Givenchy Very Irresistable Givenchy, because I understand the tough times she had with her ex and would very like Blue to be able to meet a new and better (way better) guy soon. Guys, Blue is a kind, sweet and irresistable. Go get her! =P
hope you like it girl!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Tear Drops... (english version)

it comes and stays to comfort when we feel sad
however soothing we feel
tears can not really help with solving whatever issue we face.
cried when they feel sorry for themselves.
cried sincerely for others.
cried when they are afraid.
cried when they feel all hope is lost.
and you???
what you cry for?
don't cry... wipe those tears away.
stand up and stand firmly,
and believe that whatever difficulties there are,
you will appear stronger once you get through with them.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

On "We are Never Complete"

ever since the post "we are never complete" were published, i received two response from my frequent visitors cheeze and Henry..
both of them read this post from the perspective of "love".
but the purpose of this post is not to talk on "love"...
"we are never complete"
in the sense that we, will never be able to see things in full light.
we always end up seeing part of the whole.. never the whole.
when we thought we have achieved the greatest knowledge..
there might be knowledge greater still, that we have yet to discover.
that is why i said...
"each of us see things differently, which some of us frequently see some parts of the truth and others see the other parts of the whole."
and when we put together what we see, we will see a clearer picture of the whole.
therefore, we never work alone
as when we work together we will get more insight into the ever changing world around us.

why i love blogging

a friend of mine told me it is not worth blogging because what if your ideas were copied by someone else?
what if someone make a profit from it??
it never come to my mind though~
i just like blogging..
if my blog can really help someone...
stimulate someone...
enlighten someone..
brighten someone's day..
then it is good!
how much will a person make from plagiarism anyway? LOL
when we blog, we should not think too much of whether your idea plagiarized by others...
blogging is a way of expression.
it is a way of sharing.
without sharing, how can you improve yourself?
if you have GREAT ideas but you keep it to yourself...
how would you know your idea is right?
when you blog, people respond.
it is then you will know how much more you need to improve..
and to understand your strength and weakness.
Blogger Rocks!
ha ha

Tear Drops...


im BACK!

i mean... my laptop is back~~~
i miss my blogging days and my blogging friends!
such a devastating news it was for me when my favourite COMPAQ laptop broken down...
well.. it is a close to 8 years old Evo N1000v.
i love it as it has the best speaker ever!
but then... it close to retiring age~
so i am considering a new laptop!
i will of course still keeping this old laptop with me~ as it had been a good one~ and i love it!
and now i am considering either to buy Dell or Compaq as my new companion while i fight with my assignments and all~
any suggestions? xD

my old lappy~ ^^

Thursday, July 24, 2008

we are never complete

we are afraid of being lonely.. hence we always find things to fill up our lives. so that we feel... fulfilled. just a theory though.

but, between the lines, there's just some realness.. when we feel that we have nothing to do, we always end up with something to do. to think deeper though, all the things that we do to fill out our loneliness, are they meaningful enough to fill our life?

see this in another light.. everything that we have done, have its consequences, may it good or bad. meaningful or not, it's another case.. something that we do might not enhancing our knowledge, or wisdom, but perhaps it brings certain happiness into our lives, or into your friends' lives.

there's a theory that saying "why running away from loneliness? why not just stay there and face it and try to understand loneliness?"~~~

haha, this gets my head spinning..

we run away from loneliness coz we are afraid of being lonely. why are we afraid of being lonely?

we are afraid of being lonely becoz we likes to communicate with one another.

why do we communicate then? so that we can understand more about this world. we can't really totally understand our world even until the end of our lives. hence we are all eager to know more about this world through the lens of other people. because our perspectives are limited.

oh yeah.. don't get all serious with "i know that" "i understand that" "i have totally achieve this, i am thus complete".. no, you dun know at all. all that we perceive is only part of the whole. there's more that we have not yet explore.

each of us see things differently, which some of us frequently see some parts of the truth and others see the other parts of the whole.

we are never complete.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

walk away (warning: EMO post)

can you just walk away..
without looking back right here, right now?
without taking anything but memories with you
without even saying goodbye can you do that?
i doubt i can...

there are just too many things to say and
there are just too many things to be done

but if one day~

i were to leave right away...

without prior notice...

will anyone care?...

Embarrassing Moments (Part 2)

this time, it is on how "blur" i am.
i am always blur, as my friend Mr. R said. (credit mention yet again, you are so lucky haha)
anyway~ i mistook an Indian friend as a Malay...
Well... i think it never cross my mind on whether the friend is a malay or indian.
for me, it does not really matter.
i mean, regardless of race...
we are all the same~
no point differentiating...
differentiating only creates conflicts and misunderstanding.
do i sound defensive here? LOL

so... yeah~ i can be pretty blur at times..
i just get to know my new friends and then now they have all seen how blur i can be...
all i can say is...
as long as I am not totally blur at all times then i guess i can live with it. ha ha
hope you can too. ^^

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

old sparks rekindle (friendship)

a simple "hi"
made me discover another soul which is so pure and kind...
that i am astounded i have never see through it in the 2 years we have known each other...
we never really talked much in the past..
and without frequent contact
our memories of one another faded.. slowly...
it is not until today~ when this friend send a smile over that i realised~
oh~ it has been some time since we meet~
and so we chatted.
and BAM!
we clicked!
we have so much in common and so much to talk on~
and such a good feeling this is~
i have never know and will never know if neither of us initiate this contact~
how will i ever know how good a friend i will missed?
we have now understand better~
never neglect those whom you seldom keep in touch with..
coz u will never know who you will missed.

My Perception. My Thoughts.

Everyone has their own perception about the world. The way we perceive the world outside is never the same since we come from different upbringings.

Why not to see something in a new light? Why should we just being trap within this existing frame which the social world had taught us since we were a kid?

I suppose, i have posted those Qs as if i, myself can completely free my mind from this existing system. NO, i can't. if i can, i would be here writing these.

along with others, I'm struggling... finding answers and truth. and yeah, i admit, i am part of the popular culture. but no, i am not a plain follower. From time to time, once in a while, i woke up for a few seconds then i drifted back into this system. where we continuously repeating everything. repeating the cycle.. may it be the cycle of reproduction of product, the cycle of the reproduction of us unconsciously fallen into the laps of the present ideology. we listen to music that the culture industry wanted us to hear.. they set up the choices for us and deceive us into believing that we have the RIGHT to choose. but, do we? What options do we have? One might argue that, "oh yes, i have a lot of choices to choose from.." but we didn't realise tht these "choices" are actually limited. these choices are produced manly. there's more choices to choose from if we see beyond these present choices. but.. there come our human weakness. we are so rely on how this social world works that, without any given choices, we don't know what to do next. u know u have to further your studies after graduate from college, but without options there for u to choose from, we are hopelessly stranded. capitalist always providing us with various choices to choose from, but we never be free from the existing choices set up by them.

the next Qs that i wanna post is on thoughts..

Were there any thoughts before the symbols and languages are written and defined by human mind? what if languages and symbols had never be created? wld there be something similar to "thoughts"? wld we still be thinking? why do we thinking in words and languages? if i had never learnt a single word, wld i still have my thoughts? but in what form? alright, other than thoughts in the form of brainwave? we all know that we can only express through wordings and symbols, so that we can interact. but why our thoughts are now replace by words? words are just labels.. what are thoughts?

Pleasing Men

Dress to Impress??


from hair to toe
up and down
do we women dress to impress men?
or we dress to feel good?
my idea is to dress to feel good.
when we dress to make ourselves feel good, how do men perceive us?
do they think we are trying to impress them?
when they see woman who walks like she is a runway model
do they think this woman is trying to impress them?
maybe not.
sometimes, we women just enjoy the feel good elements that make us feel great~
with or without men's appreciation.
we have our freedom.
may it be freedom of expression, freedom of giving ideas (women's ideas are still being ignored or placed second by majority of people if there are male ideas present) and freedom of choosing whether or not we dress to impress men or to feel good, etc.
we have control over our own body that we have our sexual freedom as well.
we may choose our sexual partner and it is not up to the men to have a say on that.
some men think that by attaining a woman's body it means he conquered her.
hence she belongs to him.
the woman has her own freedom to decide~
and suddenly i remembered
there's a quote from a movie (p/s: it was a feminist movie)
"he dances to seduce, he seduce to conquer, he wants to conquer because he is a man"
the quote indicated that, man... likes to conquer.
and it is only when they conquer that they feel that they are men.
this quote is also saying that men are weak in the sense that if they fail to conquer, they feel very unman-like.
if he wants to prove that he is a man, he needs to conquer.
yo guys~ is this true? xD

Christine- from our clique

this is Christine...

she is an outgoing, cheerful, kind, sweet, gentle woman xD
she is a all friend's friend. always there for us (our clique)
we will miss her~~~
she is flying to UK tonight to further her studies.
on the bright side, she is going to explore a brand new world~
on the down side, we won't see each other as much anymore...
but she has the best interest in our heart and we sincerely wishes her lucks~
lots of luck~ on her studies, and on her search for the special one as well... =P

keep in touch gal!
and not forget to share stories! ha ha


Monday, July 21, 2008

to say "i miss you"

i hardly ever not saying this ever since... dunno when.
some people think that it is best to avoid saying "i miss you" and *HUGs* to male friends as much as female friends.
i mean does it matter?
expressing your concern and love for others is something that comes naturally..
we should never hold back..
so... never forget to stop by to those you care and say...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Women Independence =)

it's time to really break free from typecast on us women.

Is it good to be an independent woman?
in my life, there are a few male friends that i know, told me they think i am an independent woman.
and some truly showed their respect for me.
and i really thank them for that~
but being an independent woman, does it mean that...
she is emotionally detached from man?
she does not need a man?
she is too strong to get close with?
she is intimidating to most men?
she has strong opinion?
she wants to be single?
well, not really.

my idea is i WANT a man but i do not NEED a man to survive.
some women claimed that they can not live without a man.
they feel as if the whole world collapsed once their man leave them for good.
but it does not work that way.
A man who comes into your life only will add happiness to your existing happiness.
there is nothing wrong with being emotionally strong and independent...
every woman has a dream to get married to the man of her dreams.
but it is not totally up to your dream man to make your life wonderful and complete.
it is up to you to fulfill your life with joy and happiness.
starts believing.

when you realised you are a CLONE

nothing seems more normal than the life you are having
you breathe, you feel and you live.
happy or not
this is your life.
you accept and you take it and make the most out of it.
what if...
when you thought everything is real and solid
there's nothing more disastrous than to hear that you are merely a carbon copy of one other human who look just like you.
or more disastrous to know that you are not as special as you think you are.
that's absurd.
how can you not be the unique one?
how can there be someone else just like you?
you believe that you are special, one of a kind...
but you are not that special at all.
you read through the same books, were taught with same ideas under the same education system, were inspired by the same role models, addicted to the same predictable popular culture...
we are the same.
how can you not?
you are merely a clone of what the people in power creates.
you are nothing.
nothing, really.
not until you realised the truth and fight against it.
but how many will realised it before it is too late?
even when you realised it, are you strong enough to make a change?

note: a mixture of inspiration by The Island; Fight Club; 1984; the Matrix

Saturday, July 19, 2008

introducing... my love ^^


here are some cuties from my granny's house.

First up~ the eldest among the three~

i did not managed to snap much of LUCKY DEE's photo as it is now older and likes to sleep a lot under the stair and desks~


and the youngest...

okay... more photos~~~ ^^

WILLIAM n BABY are hot blooded young "man"~ LOL



BABY dozing off... ZZzzzzzz

look at BABY's tooth... LOL

WILLIAM in the shower. ha ha

aww... it shivered...

and BABY was waiting nearby as WILLIAM was having its weekly shower~~~

Come on over~ come on over baby~~~

miss you... <3>

cuddle me~~~ please pretty please~~~ ^^

AWW~ i miss those "kids"! LOL

Friday, July 18, 2008


Right. CG finally here's an EMO post that you have been anticipating. LOL I do feel EMO these few days. One day I am over the moon, the other my mood sank until that low that i can hardly get myself to do anything constructive.
when i am EMO, I like to look at the sky and doing just that.
it brings me calmness and ease my emotions into nothingness.
more often than not, this is when i come to realise and understand some unsolved or unexplained issues.
when i am EMO, i also like to look at the stars. (if there is any)
living in the city made sure that there is absolutely lesser than 5% possibility for the stars to be visible. sometimes I can still get to count a few though... lucky enough i guess.
i like everything about galaxy/space. they never ceased to amazed me by their ongoing changes. i guess its their mysterious side that captivates me.


15 July - 17 July (Warning: Freewriting)

A "Date"

Received a SMS from MR. A on Monday, he asked me out as he has a day off on the next day (15 July).
It was the first time we meet after 6 months.
it was suppose to be a date... but i kinda freaked out in the end that I brought a friend along.
HEY!! i met Mr. A when i was working part time (6 months ago) and i never really get to know him yet~ of course i will freak out! LOL

-Before the "date"-
and so i brought Mr. R along~ (credit mentioning your name here... LOL)
Maybe deep down i know i am not that into Mr. A... i mean, not very much interested... i agreed to meet him up as it is not the first time he asked me out; and secondly because we are meeting up near my campus. (i asked him to come to campus cause i don't feel like going all the way to some malls for movies and lunch...)
So me and my friend Mr. R set off from campus to the nearby Giant to meet Mr. A. When we reached there, I realised that Mr. A was not there yet, so i called him up. The freaky thing is~~~
Mr. A said he saw me and my friend came out from the main entrance of my campus and he was in his car followed us from behind all the way as we walked to Giant. WAIT. What? If he saw us, why didn't he just call me and tell me that? why FOLLOW us from behind in his car? LOL
he said by the time he wanna call me he received a msg saying to meet him there. so he did not called me to tell me he was behind us.
Errr... O.K.~~~

-During the "date"-
Mr. A was quiet all through the time we sat there chatting (so it's just me and my friend chatting).. well, I prefer a man who can talk to anyone especially my friends.. Mr. A was like... too quiet. Or perhaps he was quiet because there was another guy around? ah...that's nonsense.
After a few awkward moments, Mr. A showed me a coin and said that he has some magic tricks to show me~ and so he did. Well... Uh~ his magic trick... has certain loopholes which i did not point it out~ All the while his hand kept shaking and i take that as he was nervous as he was performing his tricks. However, i am happy to see that he made an effort~ and i thank him for that.
I guess I came across a guy who is low in self esteem when there's other guy in presence. He gotta have more self confidence, wish him luck in getting his dream girl. =)

American Friends

is back!! I couldn't missed out the chance to meet her~~~ So i went back to NEC to meet her and another two girls (Nicole and Elisabeth) and had a fun all girls day out! LOL
Ryan VADEN was supposed to be there as well! But he was too lazy to get his butt up from the warm bed in Sunway (uncle Rodney's house) that he FFK! (FFK = decided not to come at the last minute) I haven't seen Ryan in a year and he did that to me~ boo hoo~ >
anyway, we four girls went for karaoke and WOW! the girls are like... so... CRAZY! ha ha it's in a good sense. we sung and danced and rocked the small karaoke room! ha ha~~~
I'll miss them much! thanks girls!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

UCSI friends... <3

First semester is ending soon...
Here some of the friends i hang out for lunch during my first semester at UCSI.

~pretty girls~

Robin, you WERE posing. stop denying. ha ha

these two are actually posing. haha

me and some guy (Keng Sing).. ^^

yo~ who is this macho guy? haha

and this??? is Leon.. ^^

the cute and sweet and pretty Jane!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

low self esteem

Robin told me earlier yesterday that he found me lately have been blogging posts that is so unlike my style~ in the end, he interpreted that "maybe Cherish is facing a period of low self esteem" so that is why I have been blogging a lot of these posts. (i.e.: posts including men magnet, 15 universal truths about men, etc)

NO~ I have no problem whatsoever with my self esteem. ^^ it's just that I realised people are more attracted in reading posts with lots of bright, alluring pictures, fancy posts, short and easy to understand kinda posts and all~ hence, i went along with the flow.
kinda lost my identity eh? well.. yes, perhaps. ha ha

i actually like blogging posts that stimulates more thinking. but then, i never get as much as a single comment on any post of the kind.. i felt discouraged sometimes. In addition, there's another reason why i kept blogging the so-called "easy posts"~ i have been really occupied lately! lots to think over, but not some really "deep" "stimulating" thinking.. it's more like... "how to do this assignment" "how to present this the best way" "any new ideas for my sketch work book"... LOL~ yes, UCSI has been keeping me busy. Can't complain though, this is campus life. ^^

so..... yeah~ i have enough self confidence~~~ ^_______^ i know my self worth and i believe I deserve the best I can get. =)

my embarassing moments (Part 1)

(part 1)
laying there with nothing much to do, my thoughts drifted back to June last year. yeap, that's when the American friends came to our college for cultural exchange.
what's more embarrassing than being mistaken of "molesting" a guy?! well, i have no idea if the guy in question misunderstood my action as an act of molesting him, which i WERE NOT, of course. I just wasn't used to hug a guy at that height! (he is really tall, mind you) so eventually my hand landed on his buttock. > < i was embarrassed~~~ very.

Through the end we sail... ^^ (warning: freewriting)

(Warning: this is a free writing post. hence the ideas might not relating to one another coz i was merely writing without stopping.)

through the end...

naturally, we all know and have accepted the fact that somehow we are sentenced to death when we first landed in this world~
we all are given chance to walk the years ahead
with all the ways we want to be,
well, not entirely.
because our culture and upbringing shaped our future~
the way we were taught and our experience since childhood shapes our character~ our perception~ and therefore, our future.
you see, where does the idea "boys should never play barbie dolls or wear dresses" comes from? why men likes cars? do you think you like cars because you born to like it? actually it is something implanted into them since they were kids.
parents buy car models, toy cars, toy pistols, toy guns, for their male children and buy barbie dolls, fluffy toys for their female children. you see what i mean?

but then...
even so, we have to believe we can achieve.
believing we can obtain some achievement no matter how hard it is..
and hey, by saying achievement,
it doesn't mean you have to get some Nobel prize or whatever prizes or titles there is~
achievements comes in all shapes and sizes.
achievements can be found around us~
it's just that sometimes we look at it in the eye but we never sees it as an achievement~
coz we are too obsessed with materialistic world~ cash, fame, anything abt glory~
whichever way, the ending is the same~
starting from the day we are born,
we have our stories written~
This is our story. Mine and Yours.
from the beginning through the end, we sail through...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lead, not Follow

these are Divas...

i like to work alone.
or i like to take the lead.
but when i meet someone who has a greater sense of leadership than I,
i always sit back and observe the way he or she works...

i remembered i read about "DIVA CODE" in a local mag.. and "lead, not follow" is one of it. 1) Be a Diva through and through. Believe that you have a right to want things. (Of course you are) 2) Know what you want and know your aims.
(yes, finally after years of sailing blindly i start to grab and work towards what i want in life.)
3) Be a perfectionist (i am partly a perfectionist) 4) Work very hard. (depends on what i am working on) 5) Maintain positive self image. (try to... =P) 6) Lead, don't follow. (yes, i tend to be in this category xD)

I believe all of us deserves the best we can get, so why not start believing you can?
now start marching down the path you intended to follow, follow your own thoughts and desires.


i spend time to think...a lot...

i get easily touched...
by all the small things happen around me...
i am sensitive, but in a positive way.
at certain period, my inner soul seem kind of fragile...
once touched, feeling starts to swell inside me..
yes feelings swelled.. but they do not destroy me..
instead, they got me stronger.
though fragile, i never break easily..
this is me.

Farewell... chu=chu... > < Happy B'day Fun fun! ^^

This is OUR story...



Here we are...
at the crossroads...
heading towards each path that is quite different from one another.
once again we part
and once again our friendship is going to be tested...
this night letting me
seeing every familiar face again
tears hidden
then broke the barrier when the time we gather ended..
no worries my dear friends
let's make sure our friendship stays
stays through the hard times and joy~
stay strong through the test of time...


*BBQ!! *


the happy Chu~ LOL she's flying to UK soon! and she was receiving her "thoughtful gift" from us all~ Fun was our representative~ xD

look how happy Chu was!! ^^
we love you! <3>

it was also... a BBQ to celebrate Fun's b'day on 21st!! =D
she had been busy for the whole day for the BBQ~~~
she is such a GREAT potential wife! ^_____^

how glad we all looked!
we are ALL here!!
(well not really.. too bad some were absent... > <)

until next time we meet again! MWahhh

p/s: i was the camerawoman.. most of the photos were taken by me~~~ hundreds! hoho...