Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!

it's here!
it's NEW YEAR!
that's fast... just a year ago i am still a NEC student. and now...
I am a UCSI student. everything is changing rapidly around me. kinda scared at times, afraid of losing what i already have.
there's nothing that is going to stay forever within my grasp. even when I tighten my grip... some things still slip away. oh well, this is life. therefore we should never take anything for granted. nothing stays forever. nothing. hence it is the period of time we are blessed to have together that we should cherish and living this life full heartedly.

think this over, how many family meals you can have actually? some families are not blessed to have more than 20 meals together per year. and just how many minutes and seconds you can spend with your friends in your lifetime? with your lover? life is just too short to say "it's a boring life".

life is never boring, there's always something to be learned from every encounter we have in every minutes of our lives. think this over... in this new year, look at life from a brand new angle. and make it an awesome new year! :)

Happy 2009! may all be blessed with health, luck and wealth.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

life's little fact

遇到生命的死角,别怕。。无法继续前进,记得要懂得收放自如,懂得改变,别说“没路走了。。” “完了”。。。别让负面的字眼和想法占据你的脑袋、心灵。。

Monday, December 29, 2008

Busiest Weekend in holiday season

Dad, mom, uncle. :)

i just had a busiest weekend.. 1) uncle was in town, so i get to see him and went to my cousins' place at Subang to hang out. (cousins are hardly around during other days as they are very sociable guys)

2) and also, me and my dad got invited to this wedding dinner at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, where the eldest son of a quite friendly owner of a coffee shop in my neighbourhood got married. (my mom was pretty close to the coffee shop owner.. so yay!) i love weddings! feels good to celebrate along with the married couple on their special day.

3) i get to be around town shopping! :P within the 3-5 days holidays, where my dad was on leave, we went to Ikano Power Centre where i got a new bag and a new red heels! we also went to Midvalley for about 4 pieces of clothing.. and then went for 1 Utama where i get about 4 pieces of clothing (two cropped jacket and two ever so cute and feminine dress!) and a pair of heels as well! and also lastly, Sunway Pyramind, where my uncle got me this beautiful red dress. (yes!! i got to buy 3 dresses this year~) been soo long since i shopped and i got my hands on some good stuff! my theme for next year seem to be surrounded by femininity. the clothes i got are more feminine this year, what with the added accessories like scarf and heels alike into my collection. (yay!)

4) on the last day, sent my uncle to Sepang KLIA... this. was chaos. after some last minute shopping at Sunway Pyramid and also lunch at Sushi Kaizen, we rushed for Subang Airport for Firefly flight at 1.50pm in two vehicles (my dad and I in another) from Sunway... when we got to Subang Airport, my mom and uncle and cousin was not there yet, it was strange because they left ahead of us, and my cousin handle speed very well on the road, so they were supposed to be there already. Later, we found out, that... my cousin took a wrong turn and time wasted on the turning. which, resulted in, we faced an empty check in counter of Firefly. the check in counter closed at 2pm.. even though the flight is at 2.45pm, and no matter how my uncle insisted that he has no baggage for the plane to carry for him, he was rejected to get to talk to the manager nor getting anywhere near the departure gate. OH weLll.. over than RM 120 ticket wasted, we had to head over to Sepang KLIA, from Subang. by the time we got out, it was 2.40pm.. and along the way, we got confirmation from MAS operator, and straight away drove to Sepang which is more than an hour away. thank god, there was a flight at 5.10pm. after 1 hour and 15 mins, we reached KLIA. and this time, we got a little lost because we were in such rush looking for ticket counter of MAS as it was almost 3.55pm. after about 15mins, we founded the ticket counter. yet, it was ever so disappointing that MAS's service at the counter was SLOW. only TWO counters were opened for customers and a few others were walking around chatting. even though there was only about 2-3 customers, we had to wait for numbers and after 20mins, my uncle finally get to buy his air ticket. *phew* the tension all ended. in between the chaos, my relatives from Penang and my cousin who left halfway for an appointment were also pretty worry about my uncle's flight. it was pretty tiring after one whole day of "outing". start from Kepong, to Subang, to Sunway, and to Subang, then to Sepang. lolz such a journey eh? and now here's some photos to share with...

i was hungry, waited from 7.30pm till 9pm for the dinner to start. were those blue fishes in my glass? *illusions*

and lastly.. some camwhore pics.

Friday, December 26, 2008

can't get enough of Christmas

i cannot get enough of... Christmas!

even the bears are enjoying the holiday! :)

the snowman too! :)

it is Boxing Day and i know Christmas is already waving goodbye yet my spirits is still high! i get so excited to see Christmas decos everywhere i go and can't help but to take pics after pics!! :P

Snapping photo, has become my second nature. haha

i love white tree!

i made my dad to force a smile.. lolz. he should be more relax while becoming my object of phototaking. :P i am good at taking pictures. so believe my skill!! lol

posed with the two funky tree plant.. lolz

the white shiny trees took the limelight off me! LOLz

forcing a smile, for the second time. lol

posing :) again.

and again..

my mom and dad posing in front of the marvellous looking backdrop. xD

i tried on some new clothes too! and oh, forgot to add, i bought these two! xD

i am in such high spirits today! lolz.. shopping and snapping pics did made my day! :P

*wave goodbye to Christmas 2008*

and here comes 2009!! :) yippie!