Sunday, August 16, 2009

exploring Tumblr

Dudes and peeps and friends and everyone!

lately i am sooo, very into blogging at tumblr! and MY! am I in love with my blog layout at Tumblr! :D the blog layout colour changes each and everytime the page is refreshed. haha. awesome. suits to my liking. hehe

and no, this is not the plan i blogged abt in the previous post. this is merely the interest i started during my hectic exam. oh yes, i still blog during exam. even the night before exam, coz i find blogging very comforting. xD

so, yeah.. Tumblr.. you have to see it for yourself to know how cool it is. :)

here, link to my blog at Tumblr, Just Thoughts.

i only came into knowing Tumblr in JULY 2009!!! through an official website of an interactive copywriter name Zach Golden. i know right?! i am SOOO outdated! hahaha

i would still use Thoughts. Stories. Me. and You for sure. so don't forget to still come back here often for updates! :D both blogs will have different kinda updates. you'll have to observe then you'll know how they differ! :P hehehe

here's some snapshots of my Tumblr blog- Just Thoughts! :) love all the colours!

there's are more colours! xD but these snapshots already said more than enough. :)

love ya!

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