Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day

happy Mother's Day! :)


on this day, I would give my mom a really tight embrace and hug.
a WARM HUG is what we all need to feel loved.
though I never hesitate to hug my mom whenever I feel like showing my love for her, I know she would still love it if I show her my love on MAMA day.
because she knows so well that a hug from me is enough to show and tell her: I LOVE MAMA! :)
nothing material, nothing out of the ordinary, it all comes from a HUG.

i am grateful that i am still be able to blessed with my mom's motherly love.
grateful that the brain tumour's comeback for the third time hasn't really affected my mom emotionally, so is ours.
the last time we checked with the doctors, the tumour is under control.
please bless my mom for the many years to come.
i love you. mama. xD


Happy MAMA's Day! hehe