Saturday, May 30, 2009

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Haven’t been active in blogging for a while now. In blogging terms, my blog was almost to the point of drying stage.But that doesn’t mean nothing had been going through my mind, or that ideas are drying out.

Ideas never dried out. Never. It’s just that whether the ideas generated in our mind are merely cliché, that has been said and said like a scratchy old song.

However, it is quite hard to do something original.

You can say your idea is fresh, and many will say so too. your fresh idea, isn’t it a combination of something out of everything you read, you listen, you encountered in life?

The greatest copywriters all have said not once but a few times in their interview, that they do not have a certain ritual when it comes to generating ideas. Ideas come best when they do not try to force them out of their brain. And most importantly, they READ. They read all kinds of books. They experienced. And that is where all their great ideas come from.

So what makes these great minds so GREAT? It’s their point of view. Many if not most of us, rather prefer to look at things from one plane, at most of the time.

This happens because this one plane/ perspective is the one that MOST people would look at. It has been walked on for far so many times that we have got used to it, comfortable with it, and for us, it is just the way things are. But not for those great thinkers.

You and I and the great thinkers of the century all shared the SAME resources. Can you say what you encounter in life is the one and only, no one has ever been through what you been through? Yes, you can put it that way. But no, in reality, it doesn’t work this way. The only difference between you and the other person, who encountered the same experience, is how you take the experience, and make it yours. One may interpret it differently from another. Some will be greatly affected, some might just been through it and feels as if they had merely suffered a scratch by the mosquitoes.

Thus, this is the line that draws between us and the great thinkers. Great thinkers are who they are because they look at life a little more differently. They are more open to experiences and they, are always ready to take risks. I couldn’t make it even clearer. You all must have heard of or read of this before but it is not easy to execute in life isn’t it? You can say that they are born smart. But I do not hold the opinion that born as a smart kid is going to achieve more than those who don’t. It’s mere pretext. You know, making excuses for oneself, is one of the greatest obstacle that is bound to take you down. Real down. The greatest of the achievers never got to the place they are today in an instant. They worked their way up, from one point to another. Nothing comes easily, and nothing comes FREE in this world. Ok, what you get from your parents may be unconditional, but apart from that, nothing is free. Period. Want something? You have to earn it. (not necessarily in a tangible form)

If you want to generate great ideas, you have to expose, expose, expose. Don’t forget, knowledge is food.

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