Friday, June 5, 2009

copywriting rocks!

Copywriting ROX!

indeed. life has been busy for me and my coursemates.
Copywriting. IMC. Advertising. all excitingly challenging subjects for me which gets my blood pumping! (LOL, exaggerated) but well, they are really what that i am looking for at the least. hehe
all three courses need us to think out of the world. okay, out of the box. (that's so cliche).
anyways, it was a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun!
we get inspirations from the tiniest things around us and what comes out, is more than just an ordinary result. and that, is the best part about copywriting/ advertising.

our classes had been real challenging yet very satisfactory because we get to express our ideas freely! no limitations! (maybe there is limitations, but i don't think we know what it is yet, haha)

anyways, with a fictional Ad campaign coming up, and fictional IMC campaign coming up (all fictional, coz just applies within the boundaries of the university walls), my semester will be so much more fun! and jam-packed of course. xD
but i don't mind being busy. hehe
too much slacking will coz brain malfunction.
too preoccupied will also caused brain freeze i know, but no worries, coz i am the type of person, who knows how to balance up my schedule.
i'll relax when i feel like it, and increase my momentum in working as deem necessary. xD

so......... yeah. lastly, would like to say THANK YOU to those blog supporters out there (i wish i know who my supporters are, so i give credits to them here, one by one). Thanks for still being with me while i am showing tendency of neglecting my blog. NO, no, no. i am not going to. I love blogging. I'll try to make time to fit blogging into my schedule as often as possible so that you all out there know a thing or two about what's currently happening in my life. xD

and also, whatever happens remember "persist" and "believe". im signing out now.

cheers and love,


  1. nice blog and having lots of stuff here,.......

  2. No problem about the link. Hope you do well on that! You know I don't read my twitter reply. LOL. :P