Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fighting 2009

no one would ever guess i would watch a movie like "Fighting". and yes, it is about fighting, underground fighting. this movie was not even on the top of my "to-watch-list" because i knew what kind of movie it will turn out to be- simple story, predictable plot and ending. having an urge to watch just about any movie after class today, i found out that there is limited choices for the 2 pm screening slot. Not planning to wait for extra two hours for 17 Again, i made an impulse decision at the counter (it was exactly 2pm that time), and chose Fighting over Drag me to Hell and a Hindu movie.

for the past few weeks, i watched X-men Wolverine, Star Trek, Angels and Demons, Terminator Salvation, almost all summer blockbusters. xD thus my choice for movie of the week is down to a few not so well received movies.

It turned out that, I liked "Fighting" afterall. not because of the actors, but because it is so simple that i liked it. The movie totally reflects the majority of the people living a hand to mouth existence. "I NEED MONEY" was what the main character Channing Tatum always had in mind. "I NEED MONEY" is what they all yearn for, not to be really wealthy, but at least, a secure income that can feed their young, and in the case of Channing Tatum, to prove that he has IT (as an inborn street fighter).
It not only portrays the realistic life of New Yorkers (not the white collars or blue collars, but those who live a life similar to the pirated CD peddlers/ Toy peddlers/ Gadget peddlers we have in our country).

unsurprisingly, this movie were granted the smallest theatre (cinema 5), and there were barely 15 audience at the 2pm slot (in comparison with Hannah Montana, Monster vs Alien, Night in the Museum 2 which was FULL). it is understandable, because people look for something that can take them away from the realistic side of the world, even for just a few hours. movies like Fighting, that portrays almost REAL life situations, won't get a second look at this movie.

from a rating of ten, i would give this movie a 5/10. it's a good try.


  1. You are a movie Queen XD I seldom go cinema for movie >< just watch at home.

  2. Nice review. I might check it out (though Channing Tatum is already a good incentive ^^)