Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Tribute to Michael Jackson

used to listen to MJ's song when i was a kid. yet as i grew older, we can hardly see him on tv anymore.

last night, for the 1st time in my life, i watched MJ's past concert on TV. HE WAS AMAZING on stage! with the kind of stage effects in the 90s, imagine what kind of performance he can have in present days! his stage performance was SUPERB! looking at the fans screaming, crying and yelling for his name, i am pretty sure even for someone like me (who is not a crazy fan or count as a fan of MJ), would sure yell as hell if i were there.

his on-stage persona, his walk, his steps, the way he strut on stage, his dance moves, are all to-die-for. seriously.
some would say, "come on! a freak like him who had so much plastic surgery to get himself look like a white man?!" i would like to say.. HEY! the world would be a better place with less judgemental notes and more positive shed of light please! he's just a man that is greatly misunderstood by most people of the world. put yourself in his shoes, then i am sure you would understand better.

everywhere i go, in this past two days, people are saying "i am not a big fan but... it's just sad". yes, this news greatly affected almost everyone who grew up and grew old knowing him in his best days as a performer.

no matter what, wish MJ will move on with his journey and get to a better place where he can have his talent and soul prevails to the end of time.

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  1. he is amazing!!! no one can sing like him for sure. he is unique and creates music with a trademark.

    i'm sure he will reborn to achieve whatever unmet dreams in this lifetime he has.