Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

when I first heard of this devastating news in the morning, I was still in bed...quite lazy to get up just to be frank to say. The news did not really sink in though, probably because I was still 80% asleep.

it was after I watched some of the music videos he made, that i realised.. oh my god! MJ is dead! his songs were one of those i grew up listening to! how can this be happening? he hasn't even started his final world tour... we have lost a sensational artist!

MJ proved to us that Black or White, we are not that much difference after all. Races is something gifted, yet we as human always want to differentiate. The kind of stereotyping runs deep in our veins that even the minorities start believing they are minorities, believing that they are filthy and poor in comparison to those who are "better". it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, because reality is what it is as we constructed it to be.

MJ is born as a black, leaving the world as a white. isn't it well proven that no matter black or white, you are still you? he is still the legendary MJ?

apart from his outstanding works and performances, the numerous plastic surgery that he had undergone, further proves the length that he would go to get himself near to perfection. the whole life of MJ is just like a reflection of mirror for us. showing us what is talent, what is persistence, what is perfection; and at the same time showing us the kind of trouble we should avoid getting into at all cost.

today, i am sure tears spilled all over the globe in the midst of mourning for the lost of MJ. I cried too. I cannot say that I am an official fan of MJ. yet, knowing MJ since I was a kid, I felt as if i lost a distant friend.
a number of his songs are inspiring and i am sure they touch the heart of you and me.

we all know that life is short and we all want to do meaningful things before we die.
however sometimes, the reality of it would still come as a shock because there wouldn't be a tell tale signs to tell you who are you going to lose tomorrow.just like what i posted earlier today, self-doubt always comes in between for me. I figured, why should i be bothered by that little self-doubt? what if there's no tomorrow?

RIP MJ, may your talent and persistence prevails at the other end of realm.

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