Saturday, June 20, 2009

Plus-sized matters?

Nowadays, plus-sized models start to walk the runway, and are getting strong and more acceptable in fashion industry. Perhaps they see that plus-sized has big market potential, and that the designers finally care enough to know that plus-sized people love to look beautiful too. I mean, look around you, what is the probability that you will come across a "hot" woman with a to die for body walk down the street on a normal day? Plus-sized people deserves to wear designer clothings, too.

When we think of plus-sized models, more often than not we have this stereotyped mindset that they are fat, way fat. With layers of fat and bums here and there. But what is the definition of fat, really? For me, "fat" is a term that refers to people who doesn't eat a balanced diet, hardly exercise, and are fat without curves. Some, they are genetically fat yet I've seen some very successful examples of genetically-driven fat people eventually gain a more healthy image.

So what kind of healthy image that I am talking about here? That's the kind of image plus-sized models portray. Plus-sized models are not totally fat, because that wouldn't be a healthy image to portray to the mass audience. Plus-sized models have bigger bones, fuller figure, without losing their curves. That is what many if not most the smaller size models all yearn for but cannot achieve, the curves that plus-sized models possessed.

We all know that the definition of beauty lies in the hands of the trendsetters, namely the people who have their say in the fasion industry. It's really a bold thing to do, to answer the calling to stand against the still so typecasted views people have on plus-sized models. I believe some people still hold the thinking that plus-sized models shouldn't be on the runway. How awefully wrong they are.

For me, what's important in fashion is that as long as the models can bring out the essence and the kind of flair the designer clothing has, then being a plus-sized model or not, shouldn't be a problem. At the end of the day, as long as the "face", the "look" and the curvy body works the runway, the kind of impact that plus-sized models bring about is just the same as the impact any small size model can bring.

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