Sunday, May 3, 2009

law of attraction

however freakish it may sound, whatever we ask for do come true. it's how much you want it and how much belief you placed on it that determines when you will receive it.

we are surrounded by lots of energy field which exist at different levels of intensity, thus everything is co-related. the more we believe in a thing, the more energy being transmitted into it. and as it goes on and on, it becomes realistic. just as when you think positively, more positive things will fill up your life. likewise, the more you dread something to come crashing and ruin your life, the more likely it will happen. because as you dread for it to happen, you are focusing your energy on making it happen. therefore, it is vital for us to focus on what we WANT, rather than what we don't want in our lives.

after experiencing the power of the law of universal attraction, i now do believe in this theory. positive thinking brings more good than negative ones, and what i wished for, do come true. so i will definitely continue practicing and focusing on sending out positive vibes and make a bigger request this time.

if you are familiar with the book "The Secret" and Bestellungen beim Universum, you will know what this is all about.

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