Friday, April 24, 2009

on... impulse.

it is something that we all should love and hate.
it is a part of us that we shouldn't overlook.
acting on impulse, we may be brought into heaven and to hell.

at times, what we need is the courage to make a change and impulse, at that moment, gives us just that. we acted without much deliberation. the result of it, comes in two ways. we may soar high and thrive, yet we may also fall losing grace.

life, prized the bold, the brave. however, life would never hesitate to stop us learning from lesson, so as not to spoil us bad. what spoils us, is our perception about the world and about ourselves. we can't say what perception is right or what perception is wrong, because what is right and wrong is always just a collective perception...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle... a sparkling diamond.


we always relate women to diamond. and Susan Boyle isn't just about any diamond. she doesn't look one, but she is definitely worth more than just any diamond. without a sparkling appearance, what she has is hidden beneath her ordinary looking self. and within her, is a stunning personality and talent.
you'll see her as a middle age woman, not fearing in pursuing her dreams, and her courage is what we should look up to and learn from.


It's not just about how good she is..

what's more important, is to pay extra attention to the facial expressions of the audiences and the judges. im pretty sure we would have some of those faces shown if we were present and watching the show live! that's human nature- judging and typecasting people.

check out her fansite @

and watch her amazing performance on Youtube @

never judge a book by its cover..
you'll never know what lies underneath a ordinary looking stone- a sparkling diamond.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eckhart Tolle- A New World

I had no idea who Eckhard Tolle is, until I read a brief review about his latest book: A New Earth from some magazine (which I forgot). The instant i scanned through the description of the book (which was really brief) I decided I want a copy of this book immediately. So I bought this book a few months back, last year to be exact and started reading.

This type of book that involves deeper discussion on inner self awakening has been my favourite read in recent years. Books by Krishnamurti, Seth/ Jane Roberts are amongst those i like to read for my spiritual growth. To read these books, I cannot just read like reading any other genre of books, because these books stimulates my thinking.
Unlike reading novels, which, you merely had to rely on the descriptions used, to imagine the events of stories that escalates, reading self awakening books like the above mentioned require deeper understanding and more brain cells to process whichever that crosses the path your eyes set on.

I found that Eckhard Tolle work showed signs of Krishnamurti's ideology. Like, Tolle's earlier book, The Power of Now,
emphasizes not being caught up in thoughts of past and future as a way of being aware of the present, this moment. His later book A New Earth further explores the structure of the human ego and how this acts to distract people from their present experience of the world. It is the feeding of the human ego that is thought to be the source of inner and outer conflict. According to Tolle, human ego exists unnoticed by us. It feeds on mostly the negative energies that we emits (angry, hatred, greed, etc) Only in examining one's ego may people begin to see beyond it and obtain a sense of spiritual enlightening or a new outlook on reality.

Reading A New Earth, the readers are given an insight to human nature/behaviour, and of course, the source of all conflicts- human ego. It is a refreshing read, actually, and a very enlightening one, it brought the readers away from being too focused on their daily routines, and to look within themselves, to search for the "self" that is long forgotten.

There are a lot of different sections in this book, which touched on almost every aspect of our lives. what interested me most, is the part which mentioned the ego of being a parent, and also the ego of being a reknown celebrity. it is something that reinforce their societal roles, and that, is a part of their ego. as our parents aged, they tend to feel more urgency to stabilise their social role as a parent. this is because ego feeds on what we thought is our character/ role (which is instilled into our life system through socialization).

and more.. and more...

if you want to understand more on ego, read his book and you'll know a thing or two about your own ego as well.

his books offers too much that it's recommendable for people like us (who are living a busy life), especially when his words are comprehendable for even those who just started to read spiritual books as such. his book is a good start, to guide you into reading and understanding spirituality. (nothing superstitious here, it's more about spiritual growth).

have fun reading! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

on flowers and the bee- the larger meaning behind this

what's going on behind this simple yet beautiful blue flower?

a busy bee doing its job.


at most time, we just focus on what is explicitly presented ahead of us.
therefore even if we knew life is more than the thing that we are focusing on, we wouldn't care about the others that much, because it is not as prominent.
and we have the propensity to go for the obvious, at most time, aren't we?
but if we exert a little more effort, or take a small risk and step ahead (may it be one full step, or half a step), the view would be different.
you will be amazed by the larger world that you have yet to explore.
life is not just about your own life.
it's about all others.
because our lives are interdependant.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Karaoke with Christine and her mom

karaoke @ RedBox the Curve..
gosh.. perhaps it was a weekday, and it was 11am, everything wasn't heat up much!
no air conds.. the lights flickered a bit as we sung. > <>

taken some pictures while karaoke-ing. :P MESSY table.. haha

the tissue was used to wipe the spoons actually.

pretty bestie.. :P

after karaoke, we just can't find a place to get a good photo with a good backdrop.

so we ended up posing in front of... this logo of the Crocs, which is made up of colourful circles.

then I take pictures with Christine's mom ^_______^

take 1 take 2
Christine's mom is very savvy and hip, enjoyed hanging out with her that day! hehe

then taken one with Christine.. i am taller in this picture, thanks to my heels. :P

and lastly...

thank you for having me for this outing! ^^ had a great time. :P

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dark chocolate...

I always have the crave for chocolate...
the sweetness perhaps, and the softness as the chocolate melts in my mouth.
in recent years, I start to crave for dark chocolate especially..
where one will first taste the bitter, and then the sweetness comes soon after.
yes, the bittersweet taste of dark chocolate.
also, because it's proven that consuming dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate, that I love it even more.
some milk chocolate has too much sweetness that comes on too strong at even the 1st bite, which is not to my liking..
one will not prefer dark chocolate because of its bitterness.
however, as you indulge in it, you'll find it harder to resist.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thought of the Day- growing strong

one of the strength we should possess, to stand alone and still growing strong.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

UCSI Bunkasai Night 2009 Video

I love emceeing.
it's pretty cool to see myself in action on stage.

try to catch me in the video. aha
here's it is. EnJOY! ^__________^

my New Camera- a birthday present i get for myself

it's my birthday in about 2 weeks time. and i thought it would be nice to get something for myself this year. :P

as the 5-year old camera submitted its resignation letter and showed protest through some malfunctioning, I decided that it is time for it to get some rest.. so goodbye to my Sony Cybershot and hello to my new Panasonic Lumix FS6.

Life without a camera just does not feels right. Everytime i come across a scene or moment in life that is worth capturing, i find out that my old camera is no longer usable. and i am the type who loves to take pictures.

Having zero idea of the digital camera market and how the nowadays camera has evolved to, (i just know that there's 14 M.P. now.. SLR/DSLR probably..) I thought doing a little survey would help. Although i would really love to get a SLR/DSLR, but i have a limited budget. therefore i looked for digital camera priced within the range of RM600. (I am not rich, so.. will settle for this range for now)
I went around some malls to do my survey on digital cameras, comparing the functions and such. At long last, i came to this store in 1 Utama.. after making some comparison between Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and Canon, i decided on Lumix (with 2GB SD card free).
well, there's no need to tell me that i can get a better price elsewhere. I just happen to go to 1 Utama with my family, and just happen to go to this electrical store, and so on the spot i decided to buy there and then. coz i am the type of person who prefer to save the hassle, who prefer not to get to some malls somewhere which is situated quite a distance away, just to get a price that is 50 ringgit cheaper. (if there is any, haha. oh wait, maybe there is.)

I simply love this camera that i get. For one, it is light and is not as big in size when i compare it to other models of other brands (within the budget) and also those in the Lumix series. and... i know i am not a PINK person, well, i am not. but somehow, the lack of PINK in my life seems to get a bit bored so i decided that welcoming a little bit of PINK into my life is not a bad thing at all. (i am more of a WHITE/RED person, depends on my mood of the day.)

FS6 seems to come along with some features that i am not so familiar with..
  • features a 2.7” LCD screen
  • equipped with iA mode
  • Face detection & Intelligent Scene Selector
  • MEGA O.I.S.
  • Leica DC Vario-Elmarit zoom lens
  • Photo Title naming
i'll get familiar with it in no time i guess. coz i love gadgets! love to explore gadgets, especially. hehe
and so, here it is.. my PINK Lumix FS6. ^__________^

I will make sure it will be well taken care of and live a long and respectable years ahead. xD

and below are some 1st pictures taken using the new camera.. :P not some quality pictures but normal pictures of normal people like my family and my neighbour. hehe

the shy lil girl.. nah! she's actually quite an active girl..
i still need some time to get familiar with the features of the camera.. LOL
look at the difference in lighting between the two pictures!

would get spare some time in trying out the features...
and start to take more quality pictures in future. HEHE