Saturday, May 31, 2008

Appreciate life...

Why people choose to commit suicide, but not to face responsibility or the possibly disastrous event in his life? Is it easier to face death than fear of losing something fragile like credibility, fame, losing face, wealth, to face reality? Almost everyone fear of death. Yes, you can't say everyone is fear of death. Because there's never such a thing that is absolute. Hardly ever. so maybe those who choose to commit suicide aren't fear of death. well... that's just an assumption.

So, if they are not really thinking that facing death is something like meeting old friend, why do they have the courage to face death, than to face responsibility? those who have chosen to end their life early... do they not fear of death? why do they do it then? if they fear of death? what made them choose to follow this horrible one way trip instead of trying to solve the seemingly disastrous thing happened to them? yes, some tend to think that it is the end of the world when our deeply loved partner left us for someone else. To them, it IS the end of the world. the world just crashes in and they feel suffocated. If they do not get suitable advice and support, some... like many of those who had done it, choose to end their lives early. But come to think of it, the disastrous things happened to you and me, maybe is not that disastrous after all. There are more and more people out there who had to go through lots of what we call "disastrous events", which may be tens and thousands time more tragic comparing to the problems we faced.

Sometimes, it is good not to take life too seriously. Indeed. 'Cause when you tensed up yourself too much, you might get too involved and end up feeling miserable when things do not go your way. Try to lay back, relax... spend more time reading and talking to those interesting people around you. Exchange ideas, and jokes and anything you know about. Sharing always leads to stimulation of thoughts and ideas.. you might eventually get a soul mate who you would never dream to missed out in this lifetime. who knows?


Friday, May 30, 2008

What's the story behind...

What’s the story behind this set of meal? What’s the story behind this person? What’s the story behind this series of event?

There are so thousands and millions of people in this world. And thorough our short span of life, we hardly ever know more than 500 people in our lives. We can’t even remember that many names, can’t we? And everyday, as I take trains to school, I met probably thousands of people along the way. And just a few of them who take trains frequently just about the same time as I am will I remember their faces. Though there are more strangers that I come across, whom I do not know of. So the next time you see a stranger on your way to work or school or running an errand, take more than a glance. ‘Cause you will never know what will happen to that stranger in the following moment and what kind of fate lies ahead for him. You might just never see him or her again. What is your story? And what are theirs?

Everything in our lives has their own story and I mean everything. Even the atoms and molecules that we cannot see or touch, because we all know that atoms and molecules formed “us” and this world. And every part of us has its own story. How the cells formed and grouped together which in the end create an organism. How the atoms and molecules form the objects. These are stories. That none of us can tell because each story differs from one another. We can only tell our own story, however we can’t tell the whole story about our own life, since we can only tell the part of story about ourselves that we know of, the part that our brain and senses can interpret and understand.

It is really interesting to try to understand each story that I come in contact. Things happened and it always involved some parties, whom may not know each other.

Our surrounding provides so many things for us to observe and understand that how can we think that we are bored? Sometimes I can be quite busy with my own thoughts…=P

Thursday, May 29, 2008


it's in our nature to accept what is known to us from the beginning, i.e. from the moment we start to be able to process thoughts and starts to learn and put our language system into practical use.

it's not always easy to flip a fresh page in our life. One has got to have astounding will and strength, and to throw off and unlock the binding of social conventions and to wash the traditional values that holds one back in order to succeed.

The things that we have get used to are not easily being over thrown and be forgotten and erased. Somehow, there are still traces of the old days no matter how hard one tries to forget the past and move on. As it's hard to accept and understand something that is new and it takes time to settle down.

stacks of old photos...


stacks of old photos...
memories and more~
fragments of past emotions came rolling in one tide after another..
blurred images~ distant memories..
at every stage of my life, i tried to be the best of myself.
this is what i see.
but... there's something missing from the pictures.
Confidence. yeah, that's it~
i knew lesser than i thought, the time those photos was taken.
but now, i know i am well equipped than those old times~
and such confidence welled inside me ever since i found myself in my 2 years of college life.
yes, i found myself.
and i am glad.
the best part, those around me, acquaintance or not, see the change in me..

looking at stacks of old photos...
deep down, i uttered "Goodbye, old me."

Sunday, May 25, 2008

what happened...

When things goes wrong... this is what a bad day should really means.. a very BAD day... probably one that changes his/her life forever.

looking down the list, in search of familiar names...

what is left of a comfort house...

what is left... of once he attended classes with joy..

something that is avoidable...
something that involves conflicts of interests.
some power showcase..


~~~Natural Disasters~~~
when mother nature ROARs...

when it comes to natural disasters, we are powerless.
we don't stand a chance when a major natural disaster is to happen one day...

Natural Disaster.. what do you think??

Over and over again, people hit by natural disaster and suffered great loss. We showed empathy to those unfortunate ones, we donate, we pray, we do everything we can to help.
is that really?

can you not admit that some... they don't really care much? they'll talk it over teatime, dinner and sighed for the unfortunate happenings. but some way, they feel lucky that they weren't one of those hundreds and thousands of disaster victims.

most, who have yet to realise the seriousness of the unfortunate events, just looked up with a worried look or concern, then get back to their daily life in the materialistic world. some... shut the world away, and just focus on the tasks ahead, that is.. to make money.
what do they care about what happened in other countries? how stupid.

we are inter related. not one of us is any different from another. the experience you experienced are similar with those around you or maybe others from another region.. we share a common story. we write the history of our world. so it is unwise to think nothing is more important than satisfying your own needs. it is not. Cater to the needs of those around you and start making this world shines with more love and not indifference. Life is not just about you, no matter how you feel that it is. Make a small effort to contribute to your local community. it makes all the difference.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Socialise, be Funny and Make new Friends...

  1. Relax and... Just be yourself. Don't be afraid to express your opinions. If someone insults you, just ignore them - they have no idea what they're talking about! You have nothing to loose by expressing your views, your ideas might contribute to a discussion by stimulating more ideas from those around you.
  2. Be Optimistic. Even if you are feeling really down, remember that there's always something out there to smile about. A positive outlook will make people want to be around you more. So, the next time you feel down, and everything do not seem right, try this. Look into a mirror (anywhere you can find one) and see your expression changes by trying to smile. Just by doing this, you will feel better. Seriously. I did that and it works.
  3. Smile as much as you can. Signs of encouragement let people know you care about what they are saying. And smiling makes you look more approachable.
  4. Share interesting/ silly idea. Your thoughts can open up many doors that can lead to friendship. Don't be afraid to be silly once in a while.
  5. Listen more than you talk. Instead of nodding and smiling and occasionally wiping the drool off your face, try to take what the person says and run with it. Add your own thoughts into the mix - but don't hijack the conversation. Don't steal the limelight from your others. Be a good listener.
  6. Start by doing little things if you are very reserved. For example, every time you go to school, work, or wherever, say hello to one person and have a one-on-one conversation with them. It makes all the difference.
  7. Say "hello" to those that don't talk much. Share something about yourself, such as where you're going or why you're there. Avoid talking about the weather - as Tom Waits says, "Strangers talk about the weather." Try to compliment them. You'll likely to be the person who light up their day.
  8. Don't expect perfection out of anyone, especially yourself. For example, if you forget your own name while introducing yourself, just make fun of the situation. It works as an ice breaker.
  9. Talk to older people, maybe even your own folks. They will be less likely to ridicule you, therefore making it easier to learn to talk well. And admit it, older people loves our company.
  10. Place importance on making social contacts. The people who are considered popular may not be the sharpest tacks in the box, but they are acquainting with important people who may contribute to their future careers. It is never too late to feel that being popular is important. If your work environment allows for it, host a party, organize a sports game, etc.
  11. Love yourself. It is difficult to like others when you do not appreciate yourself for who you are. Try exercise to improve your self-esteem. Start your journey to "self-discovery."
  12. Be loyal. Little things count. If you make an appointment, be on time. If you're in a group, show up early, and stay late (even if you don't have anything to say at the moment).
  13. Be nice to others. Always give compliments, but don't try too hard. If you are shy, take a deep breath and risk it - you never know what might happen. Again, if you are shy on the outside but a little crazy on the inside, let it out once in a while. Wear your hair up high and spin around or dance. Others will laugh and find you funny and fun to be with.
  14. Stand up for your rights. When someone is being too hard on you or perhaps showing signs of prejudice, speak up! Let it out in the open: "Is there any reason to make you prejudiced?"
  15. Be Honest. Lying will make people not want to be your friend any more.
  16. Has open body language. Don't cross your arms or turn away from the crowd. Be approachable. People likes a person who is approachable.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Interesting Comics n Pictures... ^ ^

Some comics to share...
have fun reading!! xD

Gender Issues...

What roles should men and women play in this modern society?

Society has placed expectations to both men and women and both genders has been stereotyped to certain roles in this society.

One might agree that men and women will be on equal footing one day.. BUT do they really believe what they thought they believe in??
Let's find out.

Me and my friends (Jimmy and Essel) did a mini research on this within the area around New Era College in Kajang, to find out what the public really thinks. Our samples covered from 15-35 years old.

Through their answers, we will be able to conclude whether stereotyping do affect how people see the roles of men and women in this modern society.
It might not even in their conscious to know that while they are answering the questionnaire; their every answer is actually affected by the stereotyping of our social culture.


Is it that men, tend to work more efficiently in professional fields?

We would also like to KNOW...

Is it that women should stay at home and do all the housework??
Some would say... Definitely NOT!
But is that what you REALLY think??
Boys, do you help out the housework at home? i mean, frequently?

And then, there's some questions on the gentleness of men...
Is it that men cannot do tender job? Or is it that men should be masculine and they are not suppose to be as tender as a nurse or nanny can be? Just like how this society is expect of a REAL man? (think carefully and truthfully before u answer...)

AND... is it that there will come a day where men and women can stand on equal footing?

"Yes, definitely"

"Yes, but not entirely"
"Definitely not"

Which one describes your stand??

Our samples: 26 male, 24 female..

32 samples are students; 3 lecturers; 5 housewives; 2 businessman; 2 salesperson; 1 radio DJ; 1 security guard; 1 receptionist; 1 clerk; 1 librarian; 1 staff of college.
Questionaire: (only top three percentage listed here)

1) which occupation below do you think is suitable for men? 44 percent chose Pilot and Mechanic; 40 percent chose Lawyer and Construction Worker and 39 percent chose Chef.

(for Qs 1 and 2, the available options are the same.)

2) which occupatio
n below do you think is suitable for women? 47 percent chose Nurse; 39 percent chose Bra salesperson; 38 percent chose Housekeeper.

3) which household chores below do you think is suitable for women?
47 percent chose Cooking and Nuturing children; 43 percent chose babysitting and 35 percent chose mopping the floor.

(for Qs 3 and 4, the available options are the same)

4) which
household chores below do you think is suitable for men? 43 percent chose repairing pipes; 41 percent chose Moving heavy objects; 39 percent chose changing light bulbs..

5) Men can also be as gentle as women?
36 percent said YES. (But let's say you meet a man who has the gentleness of a woman.. how you portray of him?)

6) Men and women are on equal footing on the following aspects...
43 percent chose knowledge; 29 percent chose gentleness; 28 percent chose attentiveness. (Options: Knowledge, Gentleness, Physical Fitness, Efficiency, Attentiveness, Reasoning Ability)

7) If you are robbed, under that circumstances, would you prefer a men to help you?
31 percent said YES. (hmm... why is that??? we found that both female and male samples are more to choose YES.)

8) Imagine you have just got home from work around midnight and you feel terribly tired and hungry.
Would you prefer your partner to cook for you at this hour? 37 percent said YES. (we found that most who answered YES are male samples.)

Roles of women as portrayed in the society...

societal role as an educator..

societal role as the sex object..

submissive role in the business world..

so what about this...?

Feel strange looking at it?

Men, on the other hand... are the dominant ones in most business arena.. which is very hard to see samples of female CEO.. it's hard when those few who made it, often being portrayed as "strong" "old single women" (if is unmarried) "hormone imbalance" "too independent" by male subordinates..


According to our analysis, we can conclude that...

through the survey we have done, we can say that most of us are still upholding the traditional thinking. Society placed expectation to both men and women and both genders has been stereotyped to certain societal roles.
Men and women are being differentiated according to their physical fitness, appearance, and their so-called "natural behaviour".
Parents upbringing of a child also contribute to the causes. This is because they are the role model and being the main source of our social knowledge.

Boys, are you born to like playing cars models and not cooking sets or dolls? NO, you are not. Your parents bought you car models and such toys when you are a kid. and that ongoing thing shaped you as a person according to the society's expectation.
Girls, are likewise the same.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My blog touches someone's heart... a reply from the other part of the world

A touching reply from a reader on "What Would You Do"

"what would you DO?

what would you do if you can't do anything but just lie there?

what would you do when it all gets so cold out there that you felt nothing?

what would you do when you find that there's no one but yourself who care about you?

If you lying there, would you be thinking about your nearly impossible future? or the past? would you do anything, anything at all to change your present situation? or just lie there silently, not wanting to draw too much attention and claerly wanted to be forgotten?

If the world out there became so cold and selfish, would you be one of them? or shutting away all of that and be a lone warrior? figthing against the main stream?

If you find that you are alone in this world, so lonely that your presence seems to be a thread away from turning into vapour, what would you do to change that? would you recall the warmth you used to feel, and show your gratitude for that? or just held the hatred towards this world for not to understand and accept you?

If you lost the mobility, you should not give up cause you are still alive. you can think, you can talk. you can stand up straight again, believe it. while there's life, there's hope.

When the world out there gets so cold, stay strong and hold on, for there might be other warriors struggling too.

when you think that thge whole world walks out and turns back on you, you are wrong. you are the one who shut them away, not vice versa. it's how you see things that makes the difference."

February 22, 2007

i wrote the above blog entry last year~~~

after a few days, i received a message from a worrying parent, Mr. A. His son is suffering from cancer and the disease is getting worse, killing him day by day~
he wrote:

"I was very touched and moved by your Feb 22, 2008 Tale. My own son is "warrior struggling", trying to stay strong. Thank you for your words. This is a picture of my son, Mike, last November."

I will of coz keep his name anonymous and his son's picture away from publishing.
but i offer full sympathy to him when i replied to him.

on the following day, i received a longer message from Mr.A.

"Miss Wen Qian Cherish,
I wrote to you yesterday about your Tale and my son. My son, M, is 20 years old. Two years ago he was found to have a cancer tumor in his spinal cord in the neck area. The cancer is called glioblastoma multiforme. The out look is not good. A little over a year ago, M was paralysed from the waist down, by a problem with one of his medicines. Through all of this he tries to be strong and positive -- always joking and laughing about things. But it gets difficult. I think one of the hardest things for him is the lonliness. Many people his age do not know what to say to him, so they just stay away. M really does not want anything different from anyone else and he craves normal convesation.
Right now M is inthe hospital. he has been there three weeks. Two days ago he looked very healthy. I thought he would be sent home. But then he started getting ill again. It is hard. Still, we are alive and there is hope. I told him he is a "warrior struggling." he liked that very much. I am going to print out your Tale so he can read it.
Thank you very much for your kind words. I wish you much success. This world needs brave people with good heart. I believe you are one.
Mr. A"

Reading this letter, i was speechless. Really, because i know if i was the friend of his son, i won't know what to say either. words will fail me~ what to say when you don't really understand his pain? i can do nothing more than showing my condolences and sympathy.

so, i wrote a short post dedicate to his son, M.

" This post is dedicated to Mr. A's son.

maybe the road stretch ahead seems clouded,
and there may seem never ending as the lonesome follows,
you are not alone...
with your family by your side,
u gotta have a strong believe that you will be fine,
as strength keeps one alive..."

God Bless.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mirror Technique

镜子技巧 (adapted from a China website)



   当你在镜子前站好,就反复对自己说,你会获得巨大成功,世界上没有任何东西能够阻止。这样做并不可笑,因为,任何渗入潜意识的设想,都可能在生活中成为 现实。眼睛作为心灵的窗户,它们不仅泄露你内心的思想活动,而且比想象的更能表达你的内心世界。一旦开始实践镜子技巧,眼睛就会产生一种你从未想到的你所 具备的力量,你会获得一种锐利的目光,使别人以为你正在注视着他们的内心世界。眼睛迟早会把信念的强度真切地表露出来,以赢得人们的赞赏。眼神能反映出一 个人在现实生活中所属的阶层、所处的位置。所以要训练你的眼睛,使之充满信心,而镜子则能帮助你。





得到的 并非我所愿



寒风雨水 将我的心冻结了

轰隆雷声 将我的心震碎了

处在风雨中 我的心咆哮着




假 如你即将死去,并且糟到只可以打一通电话,你会打给谁?说些什么?你到底在等什么? 很多时候,我们都在犹豫着。 要不要说呢?要怎么说呢?我们都不善于表达我们的情感。我们也缺乏那一份勇气,我们害怕结果。 当我们尝试去表达我们的感受时,那种欲言又止的感觉真不好受。要说出我爱你,是一件不易的事。但来到我们生命的最后一刻时,会后悔吗?会后悔当初没把爱说 出口吗?诚然,我是个不善于表达我的情感的人。有时,我或许会对他人很冷淡,但其实我的内心是很热情澎湃的。我发现,外表冷酷的人,其实大多时候并非如此。。。我就是一个例子。别人会误会,是因为还不够了解我。可是这些都 不是我写这的目的。我是希望大家能够勇于表达自己的情感。别否定自己的感觉。 因为你永远不知道何时不再有机会向你心爱的人说 “我爱你”。看到在意的人是否会紧张的开不了口?其实即便是一拥抱、一个热情的微笑,也足以表达你对他的关爱~ 开不了口,至少在要在肢体语言上表达出来。。



怎 么说呢? 每一个人活在世上总不希望会被忽略。那种感觉太难受了。你今天问候了你的朋友吗?当你们偶然相遇时,你有热情的与他招手吗?或在路上与人擦肩而过时,你有 给他一个微笑吗?要知道,你的一个举动,都可能让他人感到焕然一新、让他人觉得美好。

有一个小故事是这样的:有一位退休的法官名为李厦普洛,是个极富爱心 的人。他喜欢拥抱他人,因为他明了,爱是最伟大的力量。他的大学同学都称他为「抱抱法官』。一天,李夏的一个职业为小丑的朋友来拜访他,并邀请他到一间残 障之家,探望那里的朋友。在那里,李夏很热心地去拥抱每一个病人,散播着关怀。数小时之后,他们来到最后一间病房。在那儿,李夏看到这一辈子所见过情况最 糟糕的三十四位病人。顿时,他的情绪十分复杂。最后他来到了最后一个病人李奥的面前。李奥穿着一件白色围兜,神情呆滞地流着口水。李厦见壮,对他随同的朋 友说:“我们跳过去别管他吧!”他朋友答道:“可是他也是我们的一份子啊!”于是,李夏深呼吸一下,弯下腰抱了李奥一下。突然间,李奥开始嘻嘻大笑,其他 的病人也顿时把整个病房弄得叮当作响。李夏不解地转过头向医护人员询问这是怎么一回事,只见所有医生及护士都喜极而泣。李夏只好问医护长是怎么一回事了。 李夏永远不会忘记她的回答:“二十三年来,我们第一次见到李奥笑了。”



Solitaire Mystery

where do i come from?

Some time ago, I read a book entitled "The Solitaire Mystery", and to my astonishment, it turned out to be quite a nice read. I absolutely loving it! The story was about a boy, started his journey along with his father, in search of his mother who ran away. The way the author related the story with philosophical issue that captivated my interest. The author successfully brought out the main issue, "where do we come from" and "why do we exist"..

The story circulates around a pack of solitaire. Through the conversation between the boy and his father, the author discussed about his view upon the matter which actually closely relate to us. According to the author, each and every one of us were a Joker.

In a pack of solitaire, there's at least one Joker. And the Joker, is the only card that does not belong to the four family (heart, spade, diamond and club). So the Joker stands alone, and alone he is, to be able to see clearly, without being clouded by untruth.

In the story, there was a stranded sailor on an island. He felt so lonely that he started to imagine that the pack of solitaire he had in his pocket was alive. After many years, every card eventually became alive. Yet, they didn't know that they were just imaginative items of that old sailor. They had never questioned themselves, "where did they come from", "why were they here".. But not the Joker. The Joker was the last to come alive, and he alone did not belong to any "family". He kept questioning himself and the others the same question. But the others, were just repeatedly doing the every day chores, without doubt. They worked, they ate, they slept.. ain't this mirroring us in reality?

Well, it's true that we seldom question ourselves the doubts, like "where do we come from", "why we do this" and all.. how do we find answer? There are no exact answer for our doubts.

"Why do our brain is so complicated?", once the boy asked his dad. From the way his dad answered, one cannot deny that there wasn't truth within his words. How did he asnwered? He said," Human's brain is too complicated that we cannot understand it. Yet, if we have a simpler brain, we won't have the ability to understand it either. As our brain is too simple, that we become unintelligent to understand ourselves. For instance, the brain of a bug is so simple that it does not understand how its brain works.

there are more to think about, after reading that book. And this is the kind of book that interest me most.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Real Story: Surgery

Surgery (Flashback on April 2005)

Woke up at 7am.

Headed to hospital.

Mum lied on her bed, looking anxious.

We looked at each other, changing glances now and then.. waiting... waiting...

12.30pm. One female nurse arrived. i helped my mum to put on her surgery cloth. Mum was tensed.

1pm. We accompany her to base2, the Dewan Bedah. We saw her inside. Her face was anything but scared. She was strong.

we waited.

around 3pm. We saw a baby being pushed out of the Dewan Bedah. The parents followed anxiously upstairs.

I wished everyone who went into the Dewan to come out safely. I chanted Namo Amidabha under my breath. It relieved me by just chanting it under my breath.

we waited.

Chris accompanied me by sms. I owe her one. Thank you.

and waited.

A malay female, who was waiting for her husband to finish surgery chatted with me for a while. i don't feel like chatting at all~

we all ( that is those who r waiting for their loved ones) waited silently.

occasionally, some children ran around, fooling around. cheerful lot.

5.30pm. A nurse came out to call one of us to go inside. My heart shot up my throat, thumping furiously.

5mins later. My dad came out. Thank god. The surgery went smoothly. Yet, the tumour can't be taken completely. it's okay, assured the doctor. They've tried their best to cleaned the tumour away..

6pm. Mum came out. Her face was chalk white.

Went to ward6.

She looked weak. very.

We accompanied her till 10pm. Chatted a little. she's still very weak...

Chatted with a malay uncle whose son is diagnosed with diabetes, who inhabited the bed next to my mum. That man, 41yrs old.. his stomach was infected by germs because of diabetes. The surgeon had to get rid all of the decayed meat around his stomach... We feel very sorry for his son...

Health, is something we should put ahead of any other needs in life.
no matter what, health is very, very, very important. Take care of it, please.

Cherish your life. Cherish your love ones.

Futuristic Year 2030...

The year 2030

My Age: 65

I’m too old for this. My energy is not like the old days anymore. But though, this is what I must do, before I take my last breathe. To leave a trace of my thoughts behind, so that those energetic can learn from my past. I’m putting my hope high that this invention of mine can take note of every thought I’m having now, my mind wave sensor, P3DS.

Please be patient while listening to this, my friends… Do not try to ignore the message within my side of story. Because there is truth in my every single word.

Our once beautiful and secure mother earth can no longer give us the protection we need for survival. And it all started since the day we dug deep into the core for materials for industrialisation. It’s sad, oh yes! It is. So how to begin this with? It’s very unfortunate for you, my fellow young ones, to be born at this critical time. Who are to blame but ourselves, to suffer like we are now? Massive pollution around the world that we are facing now is the consequences that we must take for our deed in the past centuries. Look around you, now. Is this the home that you dream for? Living in this circular building which is the only land of our country, with artificial trees, animals, sceneries and weather? Don't you ever dream to live in natural breeze, rather than human made ones? We have ruined our planet so much that we can’t live outside, exposing to the deadly poisonous air without a protective mask no more. Every time we look out of our window, there's just mist and fog everywhere. Natural beauties of mother earth are no where to be seen.

Another country has been attacked by a life-threatening disease, and it isn’t pleasant to hear and to feel... The news of more deaths pressing on us.. The disease is spreading in an alarming rate, many are dead and the medical units are trying their very best to put a stop to it. It’s not an easy task, seeing that the medical units have not enough medical facilities. It is rumoured that the government is secretly covering up some of the death toll. That government knows it well that if the country is under such a threat like this, it would be the end of it. In order to straighten this grave crisis as quickly as it can be, the government has required for the aid of other countries. The remaining countries on this planet, are trying their best to help, of course. Yet, there aren’t many willing to send medical units to answer that county’s call, not when they are afraid of the possible threat that might surface when diseases spread to their land. That, makes our situation gravely still.

So you see, we have lost our freedom, and it’s our fault. For centuries, since the start of the industry evolution, we have felled down billions and billions of trees, just for development. We have not made our plans rationally. We are shortsighted. We are to be blamed. You can find this hard to believe, my dear young ones. And yes, it’s men who have done this; you would think how stupid they once were, don’t you? You would blame the generation way ahead before you, of how much damage they have done to your life. You have lost your right to breathe freely outside this protection barrier. We have retreated into this tiny space, and unless we can find a new planet soon, we, that is, the former generation, may die out of despair. It’s they way people are, to feel sorry for what they have done in the past and try their best to repay it. But what is done, is done.

For years, we have built on our land and developed every inch of it we can find. We have done that just so to make sure we can live in a more suburban way. Every traditional living has been washed away by the tide of technology. We produce a wide variety of new gadgets but at the same time we also generate a lot of unwanted and hazardous gases into our atmosphere, hence has affected our environment, health and the ecosystem. Of course, our livestyle have been improved. But the other living things who share this planet with us are in living hell. They have lost their freedom and died of polluted ecosystem. We have taken over their natural habitat, shorten their life spans and ignored their rights to exist harmoniously with us. We are killers, of other living things and finally, to our own species.

Do you think we have learnt from our past? No, we don’t. I wonder if we ever will. Nowadays, we still produce tons of unwanted waste. Before this, we have faced a real problem to find a free space to dispose of our waste. Now that we’re no longer living outside with the polluted air, we dump our waste outside of this building instead. When will we ever learn? That’s our weakness; we always do our best to shove unwanted things away from our sight as far as we can. Ignorance is what we do at all times. But wake up; can we ignore it any longer? The haze is pressing in around us, all over the world! We were too reckless and that end us up in this immense pollution. We do not want that cycle starts all over again by our new generations. There is no more room for that to happen anyway.

I saw the made for all the suffering we are having now. I hope you will have a firm grip on the chance given to you to change the future of yours and newer generation.

Think before you act, we only live once in this life time, isn’t it?