Sunday, August 31, 2008

seek to understand

to truly live a life that is worthwhile...

define worthwhile.
define truly living a life that is worthwhile.
it will always come back to "individual experience" and "individual perception"..
to you, something that is worth doing and believing may never be understand and acceptable to other people.
but what is more important is, you understand your own life that you are leading.
when i say understand, i mean really understand.
and before you understand your own life, you have to know what life is all about.
for some people they say "i know what i am doing". well, do you?
"You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it."
you can not based on the little parts that you know about life to evaluate what is worthwhile and what's not.
by knowing more, you will be better at evaluating what kind of life truly suits you.
That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing and dance, and write poems and suffer and understand, for all that is life.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Radio Drama

okay.. this is like... happened last year but still... it is the one and only... ever so memorable radio drama that me and my friends recorded in

City on Air

(New Era College broadcasting studio)

that was me back in.. 2007

feel like sharing with you all..
our effort and our "project". ^________^

Chasing Dreams (click on this link and listen to this radio drama)

p/s: the conversation in this drama is conducted in both English and Mandarin.

Friday, August 29, 2008


the result is out.

how did i do???

all As!
woot woot! =P
*dance around happily*

*dance some more*

never thought i can manage to scrap an A for Study Skills... because the final third test was a disaster!! anyhow. i got an A! =P
one semester down, 5 more to go!! =)

2nd semester coming up!
let's roll!!

Chosen Quotes to share with... (FIVE)

There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.

- Jiddu Krishnamurti

enough said. =P

Thursday, August 28, 2008





ever feel grateful to be able to breathe?

sometime we overlook the simplest mechanism of life

until the day we lose the ability to breathe...

then we crave for more time..

to just feel the air fill our lungs once more.


chances are...
life is never predictable.
one second you thought everything is settled and set..
the next second, things may change...
in just a fraction of second.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wall- E

Wall- E

the infamous emotional driven robot

or rather, a robot who... is full of wonder.

a true hero..

and this is Eve, Wall- E admires her very much..

it was a Wall-E movie outing... ^^

the story about.. the robot who is quite attentive to details... and cherishes the important (apparently, diamond is of no importance to him.. but then, he may be right on that part)

a robot who loves. and not afraid of showing it...

trying to impress Eve with all of his discoveries.. in the dumps human left behind.

starry sky... what's out there? he was lonely.

everyday, he does the usual... compressing tons of trash into cubes. and bring back anything peculiar or seem special to him, in the little tool box..

his little companion, sir cockroach. a sign of life on earth after the great pollution that driven all human to live in outer space, to leave the earth behind. didn't they say cockroaches can survive the greatest of disaster and still remain unscathed?

another sign of life... a small green plant.

and the first time he saw Eve, he was... mesmerised.

first time traveled out of space.. he was in the rush/on the quest of "saving" Eve.

and he succeeded. and won over her heart.

he is lonely no more...

some thoughts...

the moral of the story, other than love.. of course is to warn us human about caring for our earth and space (yes, space as well) by not creating more non biodegradable/ indestructible trash...
through the movie you can also see how human become so rely on the robots that they turn into... walking zombies (no idea how to put it as more appropriate..) well.. they just eat, sleep and talking and lying down doing nothing.. not even taking shower on their own! they can't even stand, for god's sake, so forget jogging or swimming or running. it's in human nature to rely while we can. take things for granted. and these are all reflected in Wall-E.

Monday, August 25, 2008

tell the Truth or Lie?

To tell the truth means truthful; to lie means dishonest. This idea was implanted to us all since we were a kid. Honesty has been kept at a pedestal so high above all that to lie seems to be such an act that is intolerable and unethical. However, as we grow older we start to understand how our world actually works. More often than not, many of us trace carefully around the edges of to lie or not to lie. Occasionally we keep a toe out of line and cross the border just to make things feel right.

Lies are all around us. One can not deny the fact that lying is indispensable under various circumstances. Just as Bergen Evans said “lying is an indispensable part of making life tolerable.” No man is an island. We are on constant contact with the people around us and therefore much caution must be applied when we talk so as to maintain harmonious relationships. Friendship for instance, builds through time and some are really strong but there are times when it can be quite fragile and breaks easily. Sometimes, it is being too truthful that caused well-maintained friendships to break into pieces.

While honesty is certainly the best policy, the truth is, in our day-to-day encounters, it is not all the time socially acceptable to be completely honest. Some people may disagree on this but it is hard not to lie especially to the people we cared for the most. We usually lied on the ground of afraid of losing them if we were to tell them the whole truth. Even to the closest people like our family members, we will never be entirely truthful if we know that the truth will likely to cause them pain and misery. Not all people really want to hear the truth. Who wants a rough life that is full of truths? At times, we just hope that people will tell us white lies to make us feel better and to make our life more tolerable.

at times, we can hardly live a life that is free of lies. Yet, we have to know how to balance between truth and lies with the practicalities of the situation because sometimes men have to lie, in order to survive in this world.

p/s: this is part of an written assignment of mine.

Chosen Quotes to share with... (FOUR)

A man who is not afraid is not aggressive, a man who has no sense of fear of any kind is really a free, a peaceful man.
- Jiddu Krishnamurti

my interpretation...

when we are afraid, it means we can not grasp hold of a situation or there are things that we can not control or understand. if the situation does get out of hand, then we will get panic. when we are panic, we do all sort of things... if it is small, we take deep breathe and might just walk around and around while we are cooling ourselves off from panic. if it involves a larger state of panic, we will do anything, anything to save ourselves from any harm. hence, people are the most aggressive when they are under major panic attack. we, human are less aggressive or non aggressive, only when most if not all of our needs are meet. it is when we feel safe and secure that we show the best of our character. it is the nature of human.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Semester Break ^^

Woo Hoo!
Semester Break~~~

you have no idea how glad i am that i have come through the first semester.

Five semester to go!! *yippie*
after one semester, i still really truly missing my campus life in NEC
but i am also liking my new campus~
*i am happy and contented*
now that it is holiday, i might won't update my blog as often..
so.. hope you all will still continue to support me even though i won't update as often~ THANKS!

one step after another

one step, after another... we take.

getting closer and closer.. we are.
but once we are there... we halted.
we hesitated.
there is a fine line between truth and lie..
there is also a fine line between what's wrong and what's right.
there will also always be a fine line between what's ethical and what's not.
and every now and then, we trace along the border of the contradicting sides...
carefully not to cross too much over to what we perceive as "not right".
but as we wait..
and wait...
lots happened and time can never bring them back.
what are we waiting for?
what hold us back?
deliberation.. on what? about what?
just one step further then everything will be fine.. or will there be more to come?
will our choices lead to our perturbation in future?
taking too much into consideration slow things down.. and might even make us missed out opportunities of a life time..
however, we can not not to weigh things before making decisions.
we are afraid of losing what we already have once we make a decision that seems to push beyond what we are familiar with..
then if we dare not to make any further progression, should we just let it stay there?
don't ask me..
because this battle in my head seem endless..
and sometimes, i would rather just not to think about it too much.
Let the time decide.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chosen Quotes to share with... (THREE)

A consistent thinker is a thoughtless person, because he conforms to a pattern; he repeats phrases and thinks in a groove.
-Jiddu Krishnamurti

my interpretation...

unless you see things in different perspective, but not in a linear fashion, you won't be able to get to think effectively. you never cease to think, however, it your thinking constructive? or are they just thoughts, that are not beneficial in a way because it will never instigate you to take constructive actions? thinking linear in one certain pattern will not be helpful to generate ideas..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chosen Quotes to share with... (TWO)

If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem.

Freedom from the desire for an answer is essential to the understanding of a problem.
Jiddu Krishnamurti


my interpretation...

to get to the bottom of a problem, is to really stay calm and rational... to look clearly of the problem at hand and have the determination to find out the source of the problem.
do not ever rush for an answer, because rushing will lead to irrational judgment.. rushing will cloud judgment and make the problem harder to be solved.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chosen Quotes to share with... (ONE)

"One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes.. and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility." -Eleanor Roosevelt

my interpretation...

when someone says he or she believes something, or saying "my philosophy of life is...", do they really mean a thing? they never truly believe in the self proclaimed philosophy of life unless it reflects in the choices they made. what you say you believe in might not be really what you truly believe. sometimes people are too afraid of losing face, that they choose to claim that they believe in something they do not.
as for the choices... the choices we make leads us to situations and consequences we are bound to face according to what we have decided on... therefore we have full responsibility of what we decided to do. no matter how others influence us, it is us alone who carry out the action based on our choice. hence it is unwise to blame others for what you have done. it is also unwise to blame anyone for who you are now. as it is your past thoughts and actions that lead to the YOU today. Blame nobody. Stop blaming and start to make changes by taking immediate actions, if, to you, your present situation is not the one you had hoped to land in, in the past 10 or 20 years.


讨厌这种感觉 。。

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

and again i see you..

and again...
i see you in my dreams
everything was very clear and your image too, was vivid.
you know, you are a past tense for me..
however, in my dreams,
i was delighted when i see you..
very much delighted.
we had normal conversations.. yet i can not really remember what were they about.
you looked the same.. unchanged.
healthy and jubilant.
i was glad...

Monday, August 18, 2008


what's this all about?

i don't understand

u are confusing me...

please tell me

give me the answer to my doubts

my heart is yearning for the answer

i wish to know

yeah, i wish to know

give me the eye

give me a sign

so that i know what it's all about

now i can't help myself

but to wonder of your whereabouts

i am starting to aware and care

of your existence

this is such a strange thing

that i am confuse

should i continue

or should i just let go

i tried to take the easy road- to forget and let go

however strong my will is.. it's never easy

that is why

i keep on singing

until the sky turns grey

waiting for the horizons to break into gold once again...

p/s: this poem refers to no one at all... just feel like writing it. ^^

Movie Heroes

Movie Heroes...

i just love Aragorn no matter what you all say!! and yes i like this character more than Legolas! ^^

all thanks to Bryan, who reminded me of the saviour of human race (whether from the view of capitalism or totalitarianism or not)

相信有好多观众都希望自己拥有众英雄们的超能力或能耐~ 拯救世界、改变世界。。。
大家都可以是其他人生命中的英雄。。 只要能为他人帮上一点绵薄之力,也能够为他们带来一些些正面的改变。。
one simple act might change the life of others.
even normal people like you and I can do it.
it depends on whether you have the faith.
and whether you are willing to lend a hand to others.

some superheroes are pretty cute eh.. xD

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Review: What Would You Do

"what would you DO?

what would you do if you can't do anything but just lie there?

what would you do when it all gets so cold out there that you felt nothing?

what would you do when you find that there's no one but yourself who care about you?

If you lying there, would you be thinking about your nearly impossible future? or the past? would you do anything, anything at all to change your present situation? or just lie there silently, not wanting to draw too much attention and clearly wanted to be forgotten?

If the world out there became so cold and selfish, would you be one of them? or shutting away all of that and be a lone warrior? fighting against the main stream?

If you find that you are alone in this world, so lonely that your presence seems to be a thread away from turning into vapour, what would you do to change that? would you recall the warmth you used to feel, and show your gratitude for that? or just held the hatred towards this world for not to understand and accept you?

If you lost the mobility, you should not give up cause you are still alive. you can think, you can talk. you can stand up straight again, believe it. while there's life, there's hope.

When the world out there gets so cold, stay strong and hold on, for there might be other warriors struggling too.

when you think that the whole world walks out and turns back on you, you are wrong. you are the one who shut them away, not vice versa. it's how you see things that makes the difference."

maybe the road stretch ahead seems clouded,
and there may seem never ending as the lonesome follows,
you are not alone...
with your family by your side,
u gotta have a strong believe that you will be fine,
as strength keeps one alive..."

written by Cherish (wenQ)

to share with every lone fighters out there... you are not alone.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Belief and Reality

"You cannot separate your beliefs about reality from the reality you experience. Your beliefs about reality form it. Your ideas about what is possible and what is not possible are reflected in all areas."

Quoted from Seth's 'The Nature of Personal Reality'

i agree this world is form by atoms and molecules which is on constant movement...and i see them as the unit itself that has their own level of consciousness..
in short, reality is nothing but atoms and molecules in the simplest term.

we can never cease to believe that what we feel and see is real.
but what if one day, someone...
set up all the so called "realities" and tell you whatever you see or hear is real
will you EVER have the idea that tells you it is not REAL?
will you ever think about it at all?
will you for one second doubt the reality, when it is those who are close to you who tells you repetitively that what you see is real?
will you take it seriously when there's a someone who then tells you that everything is not really real?
you will say "you are crazy, this... (looking around) is REAL.. i am REAL."
yes, you are real.
you are real because you believe you are.
you grow up believing you are.
but sometimes our consciousness is too obsess with the "real" that we can not see the things that is "unreal" to us.
we say there is no such thing as ghost. that is a myth. an eerie story to scare ourselves off to get the mere excitement off it.
however true or untrue that is, if ghost exists, maybe it will be the other way round, that for them who live in the reality of ghost, we are in return perceived to be "ghost" to that other reality.
well.. it is just an example.
for me, ghost, is just a term. a label.
sometimes merely a label can not really represent the thing as a whole.
so for the most, i choose not to take the term too seriously.

consciousness. reality. beliefs.
our beliefs formed our reality.
and it is through our consciousness to persist and keep our beliefs and reality alive.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Getting off from being a doormat to a Better life

Feel taken for granted most of the time? Read on...

sometimes it is how you act on that leads to you not being taken seriously by others...
are you true to your feelings? how do you treat yourself? with respect? no? do you respect others' decision more than your own?

Read through these steps and see if they can help...
1. Write down your thoughts in a journal daily. That way you become aware of what you are saying to yourself.

2. Then journal the things for which you are truly grateful and what you like about yourself.

3. Look for the reasons you take other people's lives more seriously than your own. Why do you value them more than yourself?

4. Challenge your self beliefs around how much or little you value yourself.

5. Find ways to trusting yourself, your abilities and skills.

6. Look back at all your successes and keep a list visible for when you are feeling down or worthless.

7. Look at the consequences of keeping a low self esteem.

8. Stop comparing.

9. Be honest to yourself: decide exactly how you feel about yourself now and ask whether you want to change that.

10. Value yourself.

11. don't sweat the small stuff, which does not really matters.
if you don't think it will matter to you for the next two days or a week later, then it is not a matter of much concern. just let it go and focus on things that are of much importance.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

voice talent. a dream

-voice talent-

since i was a kid, i like everything about English. from the language to the western culture (the good parts) and to the music and literature. i think it's because i started to watch Sesame Street and kid stories since i was a year old. haha... yes Sesame Street, it may sound funny but seriously, my mom told me i started to watch since i was like.. one or two.. so English is like sub-consciously implanted in my mind.

However, as i grow up i get lesser exposure to English. My family background is very Chinese-like, we speak Mandarin or Hokkien at home. My only exposure to English is through movies and English oldies. Although i like to watch English movies, i was not good at writing at all.. As my mum listens to Chinese radio station mostly and occasionally some English oldies, and as i speak Chinese at home, i was stink at English language until i am at the age of 14 (form two). It is when i started to exposed myself to and liking the hit songs they play on air that I start to expose more to English. i started to read some English books, from Nancy Drew series, the Hardy Boys, Blyton series and such stories. (yes, that kinda stories...)

then i exposed to the internet at the end of the year of form2, and so get used to english interface. as for my english speaking, i guess i sort of learn it through the movies. i can imitate english accent the british way or american way, but my english is more to american accent and slangs.

and therefore, i started to take part in speech competitions, in three different languages (malay, chinese and english). and it is also then i got more and more confidence and start liking the stage. (public speaking)

and in my first year in New Era College (i took radio broadcasting as my sub- major), i heard from my radio broadcasting lecturer that there's a job called "voice talent", where individuals record commercials and get rm300 for each voice commercial. it seems like a good opportunity to earn extra cash~ though i have not yet try it out. but i want to! what i need is an opportunity! yes! please give me this chance to change my life. ^^

but i do need opportunities~ and for that, i have to be initiative and to approach the possible chances!

before i start my degree programme in ucsi, i have tried and recorded a 10-minutes voice demo.. and have delivered to several local english radio station.. however, i did not get any feedback though,it must have meant i still have a lot to improve. I even passed my voice demo around among friends (even friends in USA) to get their feedback. The feedback was good, and i received compliments on my voice.

Though i know what my weakness is. my demo is not lively enough. it is too narrative for radio. however, my spirit is not dampen. i will record a better voice demo and i am still aiming to get a job in radio, after i get my full degree. ^^

Visualise and Achieve ^^

a way to get what u want..



picture a scene, where you wish it to take place and who's in it... or picture yourself finally achieve your goal.. let it be the dream girl u like, the job u have always wanted or whatever~

athletes do it all the time - they picture themselves winning and see what they have to do to make that happen.

try it, it sounds ridiculous that it just might work. *

Monday, August 11, 2008

Life is...

Life is...

Life is a Challenge Meet it

Life is a Gift Accept it

Life is an Adventure Dare it

Life is a Sorrow Face it

Life is a Duty Perform it

Life is a Mystery Unfold it

Life is a Game Play it

Life is a Song Sing it

Life is an opportunity Take it

Life is a Journey Complete it

Life is a Promise Fulfill it

Life is Love Love it

Life is a Beauty Praise it

Life is a Spirit Realize it

Life is a Struggle Fight it

Life is a Puzzle Solve it

Life is a Goal Achieve it

p/s: this poem is taken from a local newspaper a few years ago. ^^